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Step Up


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Clips of Step Up

(Dave Nachmanoff)

A Certain Distance

(Dave Nachmanoff)

Title track from the CD "A Certain Distance" which was produced by Don Conoscenti and features Ellis Paul on backing vocals.

Shenandoah/The Water Is Wide

(Dave Nachmanoff)

All Too Human

(Dave Nachmanoff)

El Niño (live)

(Dave Nachmanoff)

From Dave's Live CD "Snapshots" recorded at the Palms in Davis, CA.

The Invader

(Dave Nachmanoff)

Sometimes I Prefer To Be Alone

(Ben Decter and Dave Nachmanoff)
A track from Dave's kid's CD, cowritten with and produced by Ben Decter.

Thing of Beauty (live)

(Dave Nachmanoff)