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"For the last couple of years I have worked with Dave over the net on an album of my songs. As a songwriter who enjoys working in a wide variety of genres it has been an amazing experience. It's a lot like having a world class folk ensemble, jazz band, rock group and symphony orchestra ready to respond to my every suggestion. Not to mention so many helpful ideas and great assistance with production. We've added a few other guest artists for a bit of variety here and there, but they have all been brought in by Dave.

Dave provides a friendly and creative environment in which to work ... and I know about the values of 'creative tension' but think they're a bit over-rated.

It's a veritable one-stop shop at Nachville, friends and neighbours!

I am sure there are some limits to Dave's versatility (Would a request for dubstep qwwali rap song with a rai influence in the middle eight confound him, perhaps?) ... I just haven't discovered them yet. Plus nearly all communication has been by email between the south coast of England and Northern California ... but I bet you won't be able to tell from the finished tracks." - Graham Kendrick