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John Jameson

From John Jameson:

"I recently finished recording twelve songs with Dave is his studio in Davis California. It is an interesting story.

I first met Dave three years ago at a Totally Guitar’s camp in California. I was a beginning songwriter and got over some of my nervousness and played some of my songs at camp. The camp was so much fun and the vibe with the other guitarists was so positive I decided to return the next year. At camp that year, Dave lead a Song Writing workshop, stayed up late playing with everyone and sat in for one of our evening open mics. He could play anything on a moments notice, and did. He played with any camper who wanted him to. He also soloed some of his own stuff-amazing.

The next year at camp in 2015, I again played some of my own songs and hung around with Dave talking about music and songwriting. Dave invited me to come out to his studio to record some of my stuff the following summer(at a very reasonable rate) I said to myself “you would be a fool not to” and started planning my trip. I had always dreamed of recording my songs but had no idea where to start.

In June of this past year I sent Dave some lyric sheets and played sang 8 songs into the voice memos on my IPhone( I am not very high tech but getting better) and sent them to Dave. Camp was in late August, so we planned for me to come early and work in Dave’s studio in Davis. We chose three songs to record and we recorded three songs in three days. This is where the magic that is Dave Nachmanoff comes into the story big time. Dave was encouraging, helpful and a lot of other descriptions that added up for success. Together we turned my simple sings into professional recordings. I was so pumped that I returned to Davis on December 4th with the goal of 7 more songs and a finished CD. No surprise, the magic of Dave kicked into overdrive and by the end of the week we had completed 9 songs. My head is still reeling and I can hardly contain myself-yes I am excited!

How it worked: In his studio, Dave created a simple drum track. I then played guitar to the track. Next I sang a vocal. Some of these steps I had to do a few(right) times ,but Dave guided me through it. Next Dave added bass, lead guitars, violin, mandolin whatever we decided the song needed. He put his creativity to work and we had a blast working together. Part of the fun was watching Dave record the songs to his computer and work with the tracks to set volumes, correct tempos, pick drum tracks and edit as needed. As I said Dave is Magical.

Next steps for me are to finish a few backing vocals, get the songs mastered, and contract to have the CDs made. Dave is guiding me through this process too.

If you have ever wanted to record a song or many songs or want to spend a day or two writing a song and recording it with Dave, I strongly recommend it. I had a blast and grew exponentially as a singer/songwriter in the process. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! I am already thinking about my next CD. I still have songs I haven’t recorded yet. Also, Davis is a fun little college town with great restaurants and is close to wine country-Hey, come for vacation! Drop me an email at if you are curious and want to know more. 

John Jameson

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