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DAVE NACHMANOFF/Spinoza’s Dream: No one is ever going to accuse Nachmanoff of indulging in humblebrag. I first heard of him a few years ago when it just seemed like he was a side kick come lately of Al Stewart in Stewart’s post hit years. Surprise! This cat is more like a guitar folk rock version of Denny Zeitlin. Putting the things he’s always wanted to combine in purely his own way, this album is the result of hanging out in England for three weeks with like minded first call folk rockers that were all in synch. A real treasure of a folk rock session that organic ears are going to flip for, there hasn’t been stuff like this so consistently hot since, dare I say it, the pre-disco years. Not exactly a post card from another time zone or a time piece, the only throwback here is a return to the kind of killer under the radar record that fueled rabid cults. A winner throughout by one whose the better for paying dues and none the worse for wear for it.