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Craig Taubman to release 
New Thanksgiving Compilation Album
Los Angeles, CA (November 17th, 2014) – Friday Nights Live creator is bringing in the holiday with a new Thanksgiving-theme musical collaborative effort.
The holiday season is upon us! This Tuesday, November 18th, 2014, Craig Taubman will release a new compilation recording “Thanksgiving: Stick A Fork In It.” The album features 22 songs of thanks and gratitude by talented artists from around the globe.  Multiple genres and styles weave the heartwarming themes of family and appreciation for the blessings in our lives.
From Israeli superstars David Broza and Moshav Band to up-and-coming artists Vanya and Naomi Less, this collection is a beautiful shared artistic endeavor of song and celebration!  
"We love our compilation CD’s...they remind us of all the great artists we are thankful for. With 22 tracks to choose from, there is doubtless something for everyone" said Taubman. "It's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. There is Hebrew, English, scripture and even a bit of Aramaic."
Copies of “Thanksgiving: Stick A Fork In It” are available starting Tuesday, November 18th for digital purchase and download at Also, please note that the album will be available at as well as through Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify!
Please contact Madison at for any questions concerning your order.
For a little album preview, view the attached "Thanksgiving: Stick a Fork In It" track listing.

Craig Taubman

1. "Hineh Ma Tov" - Erik Contzius

2. "Lightly Tread (Hoda'ah/Hodaya)” - Billy Jonas

3. "Modeh Ani" - Craig Taubman

4. "What Are You Thankful For Today?" - Elana Jagoda

5. "Tzur Menati" - Shlomit & Rebbe Soul

6. "Song In My Heart" - Rick Muchow

7. "America the Beautiful" - Craig 'n Company Singers

8. "Grateful" - Dave Nachmanoff

9. "Shehecheyanu" - Noah Aronson

10."Take Me as I Am" - Sam Glaser

11."What You Give" - Naomi Less

12."Modah Ani" - SoulAviv

13."Holy" - Netanel Goldberg

14."Be Happy" - Noah Aronson

15."El Adon" - Vanya

16."Hallelujah" - Hillel Tigay & Judeo

17."A Poem of Thanks" - Rick Lupert

18."Hatov v'Hameitiv" - Sababa

19."The Holiday Song" - Jay Rapoport

20."Ancient Song" - Moshav

21."The Art of Losing" - David Broza

22."Holy Ground" - Craig Taubman