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Next month many people who have never seen me live will be hearing one of my songs!  By sheer luck, some wonderful friends of mine in Seattle live near the person who picks music for Starbucks, and he heard my song “Descartes in Amsterdam”!  And now it will be featured on their November Playlist in the US and Canada (hopefully, they will pick it up for the rest of the world in the future). 

In honor of this exciting news, my talented friend Anne Burghard created a music video using some lovely pictures that she took in Amsterdam.   

During November, please do stop into a nearby Starbucks and let us know if you hear it come on.  We will try to track the most “Descartes In Starbucks” sightings (hearings?) and award a cool prize to whomever wins.  I think Starbucks baristas have to be declared ineligible, as they’d have an unfair advantage – sorry!  Just send an email to with “Descartes at Starbucks” in the subject line, and the city where you heard it and the date.