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The 2015 British Isles tour with Al Stewart is going great so far! It's been a thrill (again) to play with Tim Renwick, and the crowds have been great. We haven't really announced it before this, but in April of 2016 I will be coming back for my first solo European tour! On THIS tour, we have a limited edition tour shirt (see pix) for next year's solo tour for sale - but as I really want to encourage my friends in the UK and the Continent to come out to the shows next year I am promising anyone who shows up at one of the APRIL 2016 gigs wearing one of these tour T-shirts a free CD! So if you buy the shirt, you are getting the shirt and a CD for 15 pounds. They will be available at all the UK shows while supplies last. All the dates for the 2016 tour are up on and will be updated as we add some shows (anyone wishing to set up a house concert, send an email to or to me at