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EXCITING NEWS - In May 2016, my next CD, "Spinoza's Dream" will be released.

If you follow a dream, you can reach the stars. The new CD "Spinoza’s Dream“ is actually my dream coming true; a philosophically themed collection of new songs, featuring fantastic musicians, all of whom played on some of Al Stewart’s classic albums, like "Year of the Cat", (plus Al himself!), recorded in Wales by Grammy-award winning producer/engineer, Martin Levan! With your help this special album can reach a wider audience.

I've started a Kickstarter for the new CD. As some of you know, a Kickstarter campaign works something like a PBS fund drive. There are various levels of sponsorship and special "Thank You" rewards that are available when you contribute. This Kickstarter campaign is only 30 days long, and some of the rewards are limited in number, so will go to the first people who claim them. As you probably know, if I don’t hit my goal of $10,000, the project fails, so all donations count! So please don't put off taking a look at this!