From: Steve Glinane

On: January 09, 2016 @05:53 am

See you in Chatham NJ in MArch. Shouid be a great show. i just bought your CD w/Al Stewart. AWESOME!!

From: Marie-Do (France)

On: January 03, 2016 @09:52 am

Wish you a very nice year, good health, and hope to see you again. Last time it was in Eastbourne (UK) with Al Stewart (my birthday gift)....A very precious moment in my life....Thank you both for your kindness and your talent

From: Dan Wadley

On: December 07, 2015 @07:43 pm

I enjoyed your music with Al Stewart in Atlanta on December 6. Please place me on your mailing list.

From: Keith Johnson

On: December 07, 2015 @12:01 pm

Saw you with Al Stewart last night. Really enjoyed your playing

From: Rick Callahan

On: December 06, 2015 @10:03 pm

Thoroughly enjoyed your playing tonight with Al Stewart at Terminal West. Your sound and tone reminds me a great deal of Steve Hackett. I wish you lots of success!! See you next time.

From: Tommy

On: October 28, 2015 @10:33 am

Hi was a pleasure seeing you and Al at the Hughs room Sun Oct 25.....simply put others have said you stole the offense look forward to seeing you again.....Cheers..!!!

From: Pino

On: October 27, 2015 @04:47 pm

Hi Dave...amazing show Oct 26 at the Hughs Room last night in Toronto. Al Stewart is amazing as usual. I was floored watching your gig. I hope you come back to Toronto or somewhere close by. I'm adding all your music to my library. It was so good talking to you. Thanks for the picture and autograph too. Pino C

From: Charmaine Tickle

On: September 07, 2015 @11:19 pm

HI Dave, are you going to come to Arizona? I live in Prescott and would love to hear your gig! I am also a member of the Prescott Chorale, a professional Choral group here in Northern AZ. It would be a treat for us to hear your group. We are currently doing a 2 day concert tour with Morten Lauritsen from LA, a renown American composer who is at USC. Then We stay here in Beautiful Prescott AZ for the rest of our gigs. This is a great place to hang out! You should come to visit. Thanks, and enjoying your tunes!!! Charmaine T.

From: Rick Hawkinson

On: June 22, 2015 @01:46 pm

You and Al Stewart put on a wonderful show in Everett last night. What a great evening. I will be adding your music to my library.

From: Michael

On: June 13, 2015 @02:40 am

Great performance with Al on youtube.. on the border. Thank you! :-)

From: John Crawford

On: May 22, 2015 @06:54 am

really enjoyed the concert last evening in Cambridge. Who'd have thought 3 guitars could make that sound.. Good to talk to you too. Hope RAH goes well

From: Hilary Holt

On: May 22, 2015 @12:51 am

Great show in Cambridge last night. Loved the new song but didn't catch what it was called . Look forward to hearing it again on the new album. Enjoy RAH tonight! hope it's as good as last Saturday.

From: Marie-Do MINNE

On: May 15, 2015 @02:05 pm

We went (6 persons) from France, in Eastbourne (England) monday 11 May. What a great show we have seen : you, Al Stewart and Tim Renwick. We saw Al and you in Amsterdam last year too. 2 of the best concerts we have ever seen. I want to thank you for that. The kilometers that we covered are nothing in comparison of the two fantastic evenings we have spent. Unfortunately, we cannot come to the Royal Albert Hall, which must be the nicest place to be. I wish you all an evening full of success (but I don't worry about that, it's an obvious thing) Thank you for your kindness and best wishes

From: Alan Bankes

On: May 08, 2015 @08:02 am

Saw you with Al Stewart in Liverpool on Tuesday. Absolute class. Will definitely be looking to buy some of your stuff. Can't wait for the next time.

From: mike laurie

On: May 07, 2015 @03:43 pm

Brilliant again in Bristol - such a wonderful concert - see you in Corsham next year.Mike & Dan(Bass man)

From: michael j dunn

On: May 04, 2015 @03:25 pm

Saw you and Al Stewart in York (UK).....fantastic concert....Great playing! How the heck do you play guitar soon well? Mike.

From: Stuart Downie

On: May 04, 2015 @09:33 am

Brilliant night at Gateshead. Sublime guitar playing! I have never heard better.

From: Chris Palmer

On: May 03, 2015 @05:08 pm

Dave nach Music CDs

From: Jennifer

On: May 03, 2015 @09:26 am

Hi Dave, My husband were at the show in York last night and just had to write and tell you just how brilliant is was, the best three acoustic guitarists we have EVER seen...and please don't tell Al...but you STOLE the show! good, love your stuff...keep up the great music!

From: Kieran O'Brien

On: April 30, 2015 @12:35 pm

Caught the gig in Dublin on Tuesday night with Al and Tim. Really enjoyed the show. Very impressed by your guitar performance and can understand why Al wants you with him on tour. Met you afterwards and bought Step up which I am enjoying. Hoping you you get back to Dublin soon. Cheers

From: mark stone

On: April 30, 2015 @10:22 am

Left a comment yesterday but don't know if you got it.just to say the vicar street gig was amazing, your guitar playing has made you my new guitar hero.hope its not too long before you are back. Performing in the UK again

From: mark stone

On: April 29, 2015 @09:49 am

Saw u last night with Al. U blew me away with your guitar playing.I will be buying your album for sure.good luck with the rest of the tour

From: David Davies

On: April 19, 2015 @07:00 pm

Hey Dave - I saw you last month in a little theater in Springfield GA. You and Al Stewart put on a fantastic show! I have seen many great guitarists, and you definitely rank in the top level! What you can do with one acoustic is truly amazing. I purchased several of your CDs and I am taking the live album to a friend for his 60th birthday party in TX. Thanks for being so friendly and accommodating talking before and after the show. It is nice to find a musician of your caliber who is not conceited and enjoys taking time with fans. I really enjoyed our conversation. I would love to hear when your next album comes out, or when you plan to be back in this region. Great musician, great concert, great fan interaction. - all from someone who I did not know - but for whom I now have serious respect. David (and my wife Robin)

From: Susan Strom

On: April 09, 2015 @04:50 pm

Greetings Dave, Do you remember playing in Fortuna, California in the very early days? The owner of the radio station, KQEX, Steve Hastings, had you perform for at least one of our Christmas parties. My husband, Rod Allen, worked for Steve at the time. We still enjoy your music very much. Just thought I would drop you a line and say Hey. Susan

From: jennifer burgess

On: April 01, 2015 @04:55 pm

me and my dad seen you last week in Evans with Al Stewert and you my friend were awesome! I love your music nd I can see myself ordering one of your cds in the near future!!

From: Angela Rice

On: March 29, 2015 @02:12 pm

Love your songs!

From: Dave Drury

On: March 27, 2015 @09:11 pm

Great show in Springfield, GA, Dave! Thanks for coming to small Mars Theater.

From: Pat and Linda Norris

On: March 01, 2015 @04:09 pm

We were at the Al Stewart concert at Boomtown on the 28th of Feb. We are now fans of yours. If you ever come to Grass Valley, CA to perform we will be there. Thanks for some "spectacular guitar pickin"

From: kelly

On: February 20, 2015 @10:44 pm

Loved your show in Fairfield,OH last week and you have gained a new fan. Also loved the Martin you played it has a great voice. Thanks again hope to see you again soon.

From: Charlie B

On: January 11, 2015 @04:40 pm

Thanks for coming to AZ Dave! Thanks for signing my cd's also. We all had a great time and I hope I have the opportunity to see you perform live again real soon. We all love your music out here in AZ! Also, thanks to Mike Lindauer. He is a great talent also!

From: Donald Long

On: November 14, 2014 @07:18 am

David, My girlfriend and I just recently saw you with Al Stewart a few weeks back at "The Ark" in Ann Arbor. I bought a couple of your CDs and just absolutely love "Wordless Rhymes". We plan on seeing you again in February in Kent, Ohio. I have seen some of what I consider some of the best guitarists in concert: Steve Howe, Al Stewart, Lindsey Buckingham, David Gilmour... I would definitely rank you up there with them! I am a huge fan now! DON

From: Mary Jane Heater

On: October 27, 2014 @11:43 am

Just had the most wonderful house concert of all time. Dave entertained my family, friends, and colleagues as a celebration of my birthday. Dave does not disappoint!! His exceptional talent and friendly personality was more than a hit with everyone. I highly recommend that others consider hosting such an event in their home.

From: Charlie B

On: October 26, 2014 @10:56 pm

Looking forward to seeing You Jan 11th in Arizona. You are an amazing talent! I've downloaded some of your songs on itunes, and I can't get your guitar solos out of my mind! Simply incredible, to say the least. I got some friends turned on to your music, so I'll bring them along! Thanks for all the great music!

From: Sue Scimeca

On: October 18, 2014 @08:58 am

Saw Dave Nachmanoff last night with Al Stewart in Wautoma, Wi. Fantastic. He was absolutely superb. Such a talent!!

From: Clark Harder

On: October 05, 2014 @10:19 am

Great show last night in Saugatuck, MI and a pleasure to chat with you Dave. Keep" pickin', strummin' and innovatin'." Nothing about your work leaves me feeling "igloominious."

From: Jon Haverman

On: October 02, 2014 @03:17 pm

Thoroughly enjoyed your playing style with Al Stewart and your personal songs at the Hard Rock Casino outside Cleveland last night. More importantly, enjoyed you reaching out to the fans before and after the show. Good luck. If you see Lief Sorbeye in Nothern CA. come along to the midwest on his Spring tour!!

From: Colin and Sonja

On: October 02, 2014 @08:38 am

Dave Looking forward to seeing you at York Barbican UK on 2nd May 2015. It's been a long wait since we last saw you at the Anvil, Basingstoke during Al's 2013 UK Tour, but it's good to have something to0 look forward to.. All the best.

From: Nancy English Wesson

On: September 17, 2014 @02:10 pm

Dave, Seeing you at two House parties here in Texas was Beyond Amazing! What a Fabulous Time. I can't quit listening to your cd's and I am on The road all day with them. Everyone I have played them for LOVES YOU! Hurry back to Texas. I already need to order 12 cd's and I've only just begun! Thank You!!!!

From: Keith Kendall

On: September 15, 2014 @10:14 am

I can't tell you how much Linda and I enjoyed the house concert last night in San Antonio. Our first experience with this format. I must say it was way beyond any expectation I had. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

From: Carl King

On: August 23, 2014 @11:30 pm

Thank you for a fantastic evening of beautiful music and totally great stories. We caught you at Scott and Linda's house concert and will be thinking about what we experienced there for some time. can't wait to see you again!

From: Dick & Elke

On: August 19, 2014 @03:16 pm

Great we had a chance to talk again with you in Amsterdam on the Al Stewart concert in Paradiso. We noticed that the applause (and appreciation) of the audience was as much for your indeed phenomenal guitar playing as for Al Stewart who still was as entertaining as in previous concerts. We bought 'Step up' and also on this CD there are a few true jewels. Hope you can keep making CD's despite the current MP3 culture. Dick & Elke

From: Pete

On: August 02, 2014 @02:37 am

Saw you in Wimborne with Al Stewart last evening. Thoroughly enjoyed your phenomenal guitar playing. God bless.

From: Detlef Kornath

On: July 28, 2014 @01:55 pm

...once again...many, many thanx 4 having a great gig together in Siegburg a crowded and very hot venue...! B-> A wonderful website and a lot of very interesting stuff...!!! We´ll keep in touch and all the best 2U & your family...

From: David Hartgrove

On: June 08, 2014 @06:25 am

What a treat to learn of a guitar player I'd never heard of and who blew my sox off with some truly tasty licks. I saw Dave with Al Stewart in Northhampton, MA, at the Iron Horse Music Hall last night. Great tunes and fine picking. Many thanks Dave for a wonderful evening of entertainment.

From: Janet Ellsworth

On: June 06, 2014 @09:07 pm

Dave we saw you play with Al Stewart tonight at the Towne Crier Cafe. You were totally awesome and we are new fans for sure!

From: Anthony Fincham

On: May 13, 2014 @02:38 pm

Saw you and Al at The Brook in Southampton, UK last year and really enjoyed all the music from you both. Will see you in Wimborne in August 2014. Great music.

From: Bob Hales

On: April 19, 2014 @07:14 pm

Saw you and Al in Phoenixville last week. As usual you were both terrific. When will you be in Arizona again?

From: carmelo ciro

On: April 14, 2014 @04:39 pm

Hi Dave, just wanted to tell you that my wife and I loved your concert with Al Stewart in Milville, last week. You are a great musician and we are planning to come and see you playing near Philly in October. keep up with the beautiful music! ciao

From: carmelo ciro

On: April 14, 2014 @04:05 pm

Hi Dave, it was a pleasure assisting your concert with Al Stewart in Millville, on April 5. I don't know if you remember me I was sitting with my wife front raw(2 seat raw) on your right and at the end you signed my CD also told me that you'll be near Philadelphia in October. My wife and I are planning to come to your concert. You are very talented!!! Keep up the good music my friend. Ciao

From: Chris Knyrim

On: April 14, 2014 @11:44 am

enjoyed the show with Al Stewart at the Colonial Saturday night! Pleasure meeting you Dave, wish I still played those drums.... damn... see you at the Landsdowne Folk Club!

From: ron mizell

On: April 14, 2014 @11:16 am

Met you at the Colonial w/ Al Stewart show. Looking forward to seeing you again. Will be getting a group together ,W/ Paul and Dan, for the Lansdowne,Pa show. Your skills are inspiring and yet so un- intimidating to listen to. Thanks for the positve charge Dave!!! Ron

From: Cathy Pette

On: April 10, 2014 @01:43 pm

My husband and I totally enjoyed you with Al Stewart last night in Annapolis. We were so pleasantly surprised to hear your beautiful music. Keep it up Dave.

From: Nancy Mallory

On: April 10, 2014 @05:28 am

I saw you and Al Stewart in Annapolis last night (4/9/2014) and i was blown away. totally enjoyed your voice, talent, your energy. Thank you!

From: Roy

On: April 06, 2014 @10:40 am

Hi Dave, Caught you last night at the Levoy in Millville, NJ. Liked Al but loved you! What a terrific surprise you are. So much talent. I'll be looking forward to seeing you again in New Jersey or anywhere near Philadelphia, PA.

From: Kirby Anderson

On: March 14, 2014 @06:59 pm

Look foeard to seeing you in Pensacola Fl! Still trying to figure out how to buy tickets!

From: Graham Skelton

On: February 16, 2014 @05:11 am

Saw Dave with Al Stewart t the Brook in Southampton last year. Flew in from home in France - a heat night. Also bought some of Dave's CD's. Me and my son both like the albums a lot - and recommending to both generation of friends. I signed the guest book at the Brook but not been put on the email list. Look forward to hearing when Dave is performing again in Europe.

From: Jacque Janik

On: February 12, 2014 @09:19 am

We saw you last night at the Snohomish Library and you are a very talented musician! I just listened to your song titled "Thing of Beauty" and I love it. If your lyrics reflect your heart, you're a good person to have on this Earth and I am very happy to have met you. Both my husband and I enjoyed your concert. I hope you get to read this. Sincerely, Jacque & Steve Janik

From: Kirk

On: January 13, 2014 @07:32 pm

We were at your concert in Prescott AZ on 1/11/2014! Was fun and really enjoyed "El Nino, Glorious, and Grateful! Your music is fun and you can really play that guitar! Hope you enjoyed your short visit to our little western town! Thanks for the show!

From: Odeveld

On: January 10, 2014 @10:33 pm

I saw you on youtube with Al Stewart, your guitar work fascinates me! I hope to see you once live in Belgium?!

From: Thomas Levin Jr

On: November 26, 2013 @12:46 pm

I first heard you play while supporting Al Stewart here in my back yard, Sacramento. Amazing!!!!! The joy you exude while playing and singing made that evening even more special, and memorable. Keep up the wonderful work! I'll be sure to pick-up your new CD. As a player and writer myself, I did have a question with regard to your tunings and the use of a cut-capo. Sorry......couldn't resist.

From: Shirley Tovey

On: November 10, 2013 @12:16 pm

Hi Dave I was blown away by your playing at the Al Stewart Concerts - Manchester and Halifax, England. It was a great pleasure to meet you and hope to see you on tour again soon. Shirley Tovey

From: David Glina

On: November 08, 2013 @03:31 am

One of the most pleasant and enjoyable concerts in my 60 years. You are an extremely talented singer, songwriter and master picker. Oh, and Al was not too bad either. I cannot wait for your next go around in the Western New York area.

From: judy

On: November 07, 2013 @08:49 pm

dave, thanks for the concert. i like the way you jump up and down. "I'm youth, I'm joy," Peter answered at a venture, "I'm a little bird that has broken out of the egg.” ? J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

From: Roger Freestone

On: October 28, 2013 @06:41 am

Really enjoyed seeing you with Al last week in Nottingham. A really great night, thanks to you all.7

From: Gerald

On: October 25, 2013 @02:09 pm

Dave, I saw you for the first time last night and you were excellent, both solo and with Al. Ive forgotton what you played in your inpromptu piano performance in the foyer - shame that you and Al didnt play a few more. Best wishes, I look forward to seeing you again, and next time ill buy your solo album - had to restrict myself to two last night.

From: Nigel Davis

On: October 23, 2013 @04:43 pm

Great seeing you with Al Stewart tonight at Nottingham Theatre Royal. Listening to you playing & singing your own songs was superb & then playing with Al Stewart your guitar solos were just great! It was also good to meet you after the show & get some of your CDs, I look forward to listening to them! Many thanks for a great evening & all the best for the future, where-ever you happen to be next!! Thanks Nige

From: Sue Betts

On: October 22, 2013 @07:55 am

Amazing performance at the Stables, MK. You are one of the most talented guitar players I have seen (and heard!).

From: Colin and Sonja

On: October 20, 2013 @06:24 am

Dave My wife and I are just back from the Anvil, Basingstoke. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your performance as a solo artist, and as the lead accompanying Al Stewarts songs. What was probably just a normal performance by your standards was magical to us....Well done. We'll be interested in hearing any future UK concert dates for you. We purchased your 2011 CD (which you kindly signed for us ) at the Anvil and am now pleased to find out there are so many previous recordings available - We'll start working backwards through the list. Thanks again for a truly memorable evening and take good care of yourself and your talent so we can all enjoy it next time around. Colin and Sonja.

From: Mrs Sue Pope

On: October 18, 2013 @03:56 pm

Saw you at the Brook October 18th. Very impressed with your guitar playing - you obviously like Django Reinhardt - bet you like Manitas De Plata too - how about Paco de Lucia too?? Bet you can play great flamenco guitar too. Would love to see you doing a show of your own!! Keep us informed. Roger would have loved it - unfortunately he died instead of survived that bloody cruel CANCER!!!!

From: Michie

On: October 17, 2013 @03:20 pm

My husband and I Had a great time watching you and Al play at Cambridge I was worn out watching you bouncing around on stage. I don't know where you get your energy from' Brilliant evening. Thanks to you ,Al and Mike :)

From: Sylvia Beaumont

On: October 13, 2013 @06:05 am

Thank you Dave for your incredible musicianship, chat and fun last night at The Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, with Al Stewart and Mike Bauer. I hope you will all return soon... or as they say in Scotland, 'Haste Ye Back'!

From: Mick Devine

On: October 09, 2013 @03:44 pm

thank you a great night at the Stables Milton Keynes. You stole the show. Great multi talent. What make is your guitar ?

From: Roy Marsh

On: October 09, 2013 @12:24 pm

Hi Dave, great to meet you before the show in Birmingham last night. As ever a great evening of music from you and Al, not to mention the special guest on the night. Thanks for signing the CD's which I am so much looking forward to listening too. Enjoy the rest of the tour. I wish I could attend the Royal Albert Hall gig as I am sure it will be amazing if last night was anything to go by.

From: Glenn O'Raw

On: October 09, 2013 @07:30 am

Dear Doc Dave, We loved the show last night-many thanks for some terrific singing and playing. I'm sorry if I sent you off to google a pretty inconsequential story about Wittgenstein in Birmingham, but when you've lived here for 61 years I can assure you it gets more interesting. I'm also sorry if I spoilt your beautiful and poignant song about yourself and Elizabeth Cotten: that strange sound you may have heard was me blubbing - very touching on many levels and too much for me.....magnificent stuff.

From: Bill

On: October 08, 2013 @12:35 am

Great show last night - where have I been all these years. Must get out more.

From: Sylvia

On: October 05, 2013 @07:47 am

Dave, thank's for a wonderful evening at the Harmonie in Bonn. Hope to you soon again in Germany! Take care Sylvia

From: Paul Seehusen

On: September 15, 2013 @06:04 pm

Dave, Just saying "Thank You" for last night at Sam's Burger Joint. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance and we even liked Al too! ;) Your skills are awe inspiring! Once again, we loved the show! Thanks!

From: Jim and Renee Wetzel

On: May 17, 2013 @02:07 am

We love the shows so much. We look forward to seeing you and Al in London in October. Celebrate Renee 54th birthday with you at Royal Albert Hall

From: Ray

On: May 08, 2013 @11:33 am

Love your music and guitar playing. It's inspiried me to learn to 48 yrs old....

From: Steve Page

On: April 24, 2013 @02:54 pm

Another great show with Al at Eddie's Attic! Get back soon for a solo show. all the best; -Steve

From: Dan Abbott

On: April 22, 2013 @02:00 pm

My wife, son and I really enjoyed your concert with Al Stewart at UF Gainesville. Glad you were able to showcase your own material and we enjoyed your guitar arrangements for Al's songs. Looking forward to seeing you when you come to South Florida!

From: Jason

On: January 28, 2013 @07:56 pm

Dave, Great concert Saturday night @ McCabes! I was so impressed with your incredible fingering techniques! Great singing and lyrics too, of course! I will certainly catch your future performances and tell my friends about your great music! BTW, please tell Al he ain't too bad either! : ) Jason

From: Dawn Roznowsi

On: January 28, 2013 @12:55 pm

Hi Dave! Thanks for the facebook add. Sorry a miscommunication prevented us from catching the show at Coffee Gallery (Altadena). We'll keep an ear out for your next visit to LA. Our best to you! ~Dawn

From: Tracy Ames

On: December 14, 2012 @08:03 am

Great show at Harlow's with Al Stewart last night (12/13). I am happy to have found another great musician to listen to and appreciate in the large realm of music. Your talent compliments Al and it was a pleasure to see and hear you both play...especially the largest array of my favorite songs (Lord Grenville and Flying Sorcery being the top two). Oh, and the impromptu Sweet Home Alabama was a classic moment I will never forget and will always talk about. Thanks again for a wonderful night of music, laughter and "talk story" as they say in the islands.

From: Brigitte Nelson

On: December 03, 2012 @02:37 pm

Saw you with Al at the Coachhouse. Great show. You're an amazing musician.

From: Kevin Foote

On: November 26, 2012 @04:22 pm

Classical guitar isn’t exactly the most listened to or popular genre, but as artists, we know that actively listening to other genres and styles can definitely benefit our playing. It’s time to start digging the classical guitar because it’s the guitar in its highest artistic form. It’s not stuffy or boring or intended for old people. If you’ve never considered listening to classical guitar before, it’s well worth it. There is no denying the level of musicianship and technical proficiency needed to make the classical guitar work. But it can be difficult knowing where to start if you want to get into classical guitar. There are thousands of amazing classical guitarists out there, but there is only one Dave Nachmanoff. Thank you and Al for your spectacular talents on Saturday nite at the Couch House in San Juan Capo. It was a magical moment for me my wife and friends.... Looking forward to seeing what you have in store next... Thanks My Friend, Fans Forever, Capt. Kevin & Jean-Marie

From: Vic MD

On: November 20, 2012 @12:43 pm

Saw y'alls show with Al Stewart on Nov 17th in Dallas. Great show! You were amazing on guitar! Hope you both return to Dallas soon!

From: Randal Cook

On: November 14, 2012 @06:08 pm

H Dave: I know you wouldn't remember me but I saw you and Al Stewart in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada in early September and had a FANTASTIC time! It was probably one of the top 5 concerts I've ever been to - and I was at Woodstock in '69!! What impressed me, was that both yourself and Al took the time to sit down and talk to the people at the dinner/concert. It only took a few minutes out of your time, but it left a huge impression on everyone you talked to. I wanted to thank you for the great time. I was in the front table and talked to you after your sound check - I can't remember the name of the song but it was about a "homeless" fellow who takes care of a particular corner in the city. I was really impressed with the song. You told me it was on one of your albums but again, I can't remember which one!! You - and Al of course - HAVE to come back to British Columbia, Canada!! I'd be first in line to get tickets to see you again! Stay well - and again - thanks for your wonderful music! Please say "Hello" to Mr. Stewart for me, if you'd be so kind. Looking forward to seeing you again! Randal Cook

From: Patricia Blum

On: November 10, 2012 @12:16 pm

We(hubby and me) saw you in Phoenixville with Al several weeks ago.Bought all 3 CD's and can't stop listening! Incredible concert still in our heads!Thanks for sharing your gifts.You are one talented artist.

From: Dave van Dyche

On: November 07, 2012 @07:06 pm

Fantastic concert at the Birchmere Alexandria Saturday. Thrill of a lifetime to have Dave shake my hand again, do my request (Thunder Bay) and generally be the catalyst for a tremendous concert for him and Al Stewart. Dave's a true gentleman.

From: Pope Steve XXVI

On: October 20, 2012 @08:48 pm

Great Show in Fairfield CT. Dave! Will come out to see you again! Amazing guitar work! Thanks for making my Saturday night!

From: Stuart Hicks

On: September 11, 2012 @02:21 am

Dave, Saw you in Portland on the 9th with Al Stewart. Really enjoyed the show. You are a fantastic guitarist.

From: Dale Embree

On: September 09, 2012 @12:10 pm

Dave, Just wanted to say again how much my family, friends, and I enjoyed your performance with Al on Friday evening in Chilliwack! We look forward to seeing you again when you travel back to the Pacific Northwest. Thank you! Dale

From: Heather Valesano

On: August 24, 2012 @10:31 pm

Wow, just saw you in Edwardsville, Il. You had us all mesmerized with your musicianship! I have become a complete fan! P.S. Al Stewart was great, too!

From: Brad Howe

On: July 05, 2012 @12:37 pm

Hey Dave, great show again last night, thanks for coming up to Toronto and enriching our lives with your amazing gift of music. Reminding you of the idea for a song I had last night about my friends not knowing each other's PIN #'s. "She Doesn't Know His PIN #" Take Care and safe travels, Brad


On: June 06, 2012 @05:37 am

Had the pleasure of seeing you at Woodstock Opera House on Sat. June 2nd. Amazing!!! Please come back soon!!!!

From: Milan

On: June 04, 2012 @11:39 am

It was a such pleasure seeing you and watching you perform in Woodstock once and Al compliment each other musically to perfection. Have a fun show on the 17th!

From: Chris Teall

On: May 30, 2012 @01:23 pm

Dave: We saw you Saturday night in Clearwater with Al Stewart. You are a gifted artist and we truly enjoyed your work. What album is "She wont be comin home" on?

From: Randy/Donna Carter

On: May 28, 2012 @01:23 pm

just saw you in Clearwater w/ Al Stewart....loved it! You sound very similar, which is probably why Al has you tour with him. Would have loved to stop at the "house party", but it looked like there were going to be too many other folks going. Hey, just a are in California and I'm friends with many wineries there and they ALL to parties and winemaker dinners and are in serious need of entertainment....not sure if you have thought about it but it could be a decent supplement. One winery I'm thinking about is Rabbit Ridge in Paso Robles (Joanne Russell co-owner/marketing) look forward to seeing you again.

From: Tony F

On: May 27, 2012 @03:13 pm

Dave, We thoroughly enjoyed your show with Al Stewart last night at the Capitol Theater in Clearwater, FL. This was the first time hearing you in concert and you now have a couple of new fans! You and Al had a great stage rapport and the energy you two generated was felt in the audience. Continued success to you and the remainder of your tour.

From: Eve Martin

On: May 27, 2012 @08:02 am

Awesome concert with Al Stewart last night!

From: Meg Robbins

On: May 27, 2012 @07:14 am

Just enjoyed your fabulous concert with Al Stewart last night at The Capitol Theater! Your guitar playing is truly amazing! I was surprised how you could show off your talents without overshadowing Al Stewart. The perfect balance.

From: John Turner & Meg Robbins

On: May 27, 2012 @12:47 am

hello Dave. Saw u perform with Al Stewart in Clearwater, FL. What a fabulous show. Your expert guitar playing made the evening and having front row seats we were able to watch your fingers work their magic. We are definitely fans. Many thanks for an enjoyable night. John & Meg

From: david washington

On: April 21, 2012 @02:36 am

Hi Dave Hope all is well with you. Help me out if you can. It's two years since Al came to England with you and I can't see any plans for a return. Do you know if any plans exist for a UK tour ? Look forward to hearing from you Dave Washington

From: Ruth Stinson

On: April 12, 2012 @10:22 am

I stopped by your site to find out more about the man who is touring with Al Stewart these days. You are an accomplished musician, as well as an educated man. After listening to the music clips on here, I must say, I would like to hear more. And I shall! Hopefully my family and I will have the great privilege of seeing you and Al in concert in Michigan in the future. If that isn't possible I will find a way to make it to Indiana or Illinois. Thank you for keeping us all inspired. --Ruth

From: Rick Wenck

On: April 03, 2012 @05:08 pm

Hello, Dave! Please put me on your mailing list. Rick Wenck

From: Sibylle Zellmer

On: November 29, 2011 @11:45 am

Hi Dave, since long time ago, I have been a fan of Al Stewart (began in 1983). So I went to a concert in Oldenburg a few years ago and there were you. My sister and I were so impressed, that we bought your music on CD. Ever since then, I have been hearing you so often and really do hope to see you again one day in Germany. Please give me an note in this case! Your fan Sibylle

From: Scott Brooks

On: November 18, 2011 @10:56 pm

Just saw you in Livermore, CA, with Al Stewart. I have to say it was a real delight. Absolutely a wonderful performance and I'm happy to say you have a new fan. I'm looking forward to what comes next . . .

From: Louie

On: November 14, 2011 @11:32 am

Dave, We really enjoyed the show last nite at Cafe Cordiale. It was so good to see you again. We always enjoy your visits to Southern California. You and the band were EXCELLANT !

From: Scott Strange

On: November 12, 2011 @06:49 pm

I saw you and Al in Tampa. Good show! I'm enjoying the Step UP CD! Always looking for new music. Great guitar playing! Take Care Scott

From: Roland Verduyn

On: November 09, 2011 @01:44 am

I really enjoyed your performance with Al Stewart at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. I kept being surprised in some way with each song!

From: Scott & Jeff Dillinger

On: November 07, 2011 @11:14 pm

Scott Dillinger Dave, not sure if you remember the seattle show with Al and a couple of brothers were telling you how their mother had cancer and was getting near the end. Well when we got home with the personalized poster with her name on it really lit up her eyes!! Thank-you so much. It will always be a very special momemt for me. She passed away 3 day later. You guys gave her a few minutes of joy which were her last ones. You guys will always be heroes to me. Thank-you both!! Please let Al know, and hopefully I'll get to see you guys every time you make it to Seattle.

From: Dennis Stoner

On: October 28, 2011 @01:39 am

Dave , still listening to your CD's I bought at the oct 7 show in Bethlehem on my commute to and from work. thanks for sharing your gift and talent with the rest of us. Your guitar playing is fantastic. regards Dennis

From: Bob Quick

On: October 10, 2011 @07:03 am

In Northhampton, MA I Went to an Al Stewart Concert and left a Dave Nachmanoff fan as well. The whole family loved the show. Your CD has been the only one to play for a week now. Thanks for taking the time to talk with my son Connor, a young guitarist, it was very inspirational for him. I look forward to seeing you again.

From: Alan Lemin

On: October 03, 2011 @12:05 am

Great music Dave. I am a life long Al Stewart fan ... and now yours as well. Thanks Al

From: Mary Ann Lopardo

On: August 07, 2011 @07:51 pm

My husband Dave and I (the one who showed you his picture with Astronaut Alan Bean, just came home from your concert at Infinity Hall, in Norfolk, Ct. It was such a great experience..we truly loved your music and your generosity in speaking with us. I'm looking forward to obtaining a copy of your song Grateful Day-it really spoke to me and I'm sure Dave will be emailing for guitar chords after playing your CD's. Thank you for a truly enjoyable experience. Mary Ann

From: Sandy Price

On: August 06, 2011 @08:41 am

Hi Dave, Great concert last night! What a treat! We all went waltzing home with a lot of songs in our hearts! I am listening to the Step Up CD at this moment. Super! Love it! Thanks, and it was great to catch you as you came through VT. Hope to see you back here soon. Cheers, Sandy

From: Bob Cirba

On: August 03, 2011 @08:55 pm

The only thing that I don't like about this CD is the title! The music is amazing from start to finish, and song for song it is easily Dave's best. For those of you who complain that there is no good music out there anymore, you simply haven't heard "Step Up". I've been playing it wall to wall for the past week. When you've got a super talent such as Dave Nachmanoff, a pre-order is a no-brainer. It turned out to be the steal that I expected. Oh, it was terrific to hear Al Stewart singing a verse in one song. The best song? It could turn out to be just about any of them. I truly can't praise it enough. God bless you for bringing more joy to your fans, Dave!!!

From: BEK

On: August 03, 2011 @06:51 pm

Love the new album "Step Up!"... it is awesome. A wonderful musical voyage from beginning to end!

From: kent johnson

On: August 03, 2011 @10:57 am

I heard about you recently from a mutual friend... I enjoy you songwriting, and hope one day you can come to Bloomington, Indiana for a show... kent

From: Paul Colangelo

On: August 01, 2011 @07:06 am

Hi, Caught the show Saturday night at the Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, it was awesome. I haven't seen such an impressive live guitarist in over 20 years. I also enjoyed listening to Step Up and the other two CD's that I purchased. Keep up your writing and I hope to see you guys again in the near future.

From: Bruce Endres

On: July 30, 2011 @05:50 pm


From: Richard Koblyka

On: July 27, 2011 @09:39 pm

Great concert at the Triple Door in Seattle last night! We saw you (and Al Stewart) at the Edmonds Performing Arts Center in January. Thank you for taking time to speak with my 13 year old David during the break, he was thrilled. We're looking forward to your next visit. We bought three CDs!

From: Jazz

On: May 03, 2011 @06:18 pm

Dave, you wouldn't know me from a hole in the wall- We met very briefly in San Antonio. We have something in common- I grew up in Springfield VA in the late 60s. Grayson St. and dude- in more than 20 years of yelling Freebird at completely inappropriate bands, you're the 1st ine to ever respond with the actual song! ;p Safe journeys! pjd aka Jazz

From: Rob Myers

On: May 02, 2011 @10:24 am

Hi Dave, My wife and I had the happy pleasure to see you and Al in The Woodlands, Texas last Friday night. We both very much enjoyed your music and we also appreciate how gracious you were both before and after the concert. Thank you for a terrific concert.

From: John Doty

On: April 28, 2011 @10:22 pm

Went to see Dave and Al at the Cactus Cafe in Austin, Texas. Brought a guest from Canada experiencing the Austin music scene for the first time. Wow, did she ever have fun! Thanks Dave, you were great!

From: Timothy Iaconis

On: April 27, 2011 @10:31 am

Dave: Just got down listening to "When I see you again" and while I am not prone to shedding tears, this song really tugged at my heart and produced some tears. What an outstanding tribute to those who died on 911. Thanks for sharing with us such a powerful song. BTW...I saw you and Al Stewart in Bakersfield, thanks for taking the time to sign my CD "Time Before the Fall". Outstanding CD and great show as always. God Bless Timothy Iaconis

From: Darren and Taren

On: March 19, 2011 @05:45 am

Dave we saw you last night in Vegas with Al for the 3rd year in a row! You were so gracious before the show to take time to chat and take pictures with us. We really appreciate your kindness, virtuosity and artistry! See ya next year!

From: Ron D.

On: March 14, 2011 @12:17 pm

Dave (and Al, of course!), thanks for a great show this past weekend in Vacaville.

From: Mark Lee

On: March 12, 2011 @03:13 pm

Last night I went to see Al Stewart and discovered Dave Nachmanoff. Fantastic guitarist/musician. Can somebody tell me what his opening number was last night in Pleasanton? And what sort of Martin is he playing?

From: Janet Nash

On: March 12, 2011 @09:46 am

My husband and myself are totally new to Dave's music and style. We bought tickets to see Al Stewart in Edmonds the end of January 29th 2011 and we were introduced to Dave. "WOW" is all we can continue to say. We love how Dave and Al worked together. We loved the energy, inspiration and good feeling that Dave brought to the stage. It was just so perfect with Al. AND- we loved how both Al and Dave were accessable and so easy to talk to after the show. We ended up buying a couple of CD's and even got our 16 year old daughter listening and loving. Dave's music is so fresh, uplifiting, thought provoking, moving, meaningful and pleasant to listen to. And beyond that- his guitar work is heart moving. Your heart will most definately be touched. And together with Al Stweart - a real legend himself- this combo is a "DYNAMIC DUO!" I look forward to hearing Al and Dave again in the Pacific Northwest. Please come back to inspire us and keep us on your mailing list. Give our best regards to Al too, because you guys rock together and we love what you have done and what you are doing for people and communities. You are making a difference in the world of music. Other performers should take note of your sincere way of treating people. We felt appreciated, loved and a part of your show that night in Edmonds. Its obvious your motives are great. Keep up the good work and please come back to Seattle.

From: Wayne Atkins

On: March 11, 2011 @07:37 pm

Hi Dave Cant wait to see you and Al Sat night in Vacaville.

From: Jill

On: March 03, 2011 @03:29 am

Fabulous show last night at the Barns of Wolftrap! You are an amazing artist and I have to echo other comments that you and Al have wonderful rapport and you both were CLEARLY enjoying yourselves on stage. I bought three of your CDs and can't wait to listen to them.

From: Jim Guignard

On: February 05, 2011 @10:37 am

HIi Dave: We totally enjoyed the show at Anthology - you and Al were great ! You and Al have such great raport, and you obviousley are enjoying what you are doing. It was also very nice the get to hear some of your own material. We also very much appreciate you taking the time to autograph the CD and have your picture taken with us.

From: Tim Murphy

On: January 31, 2011 @01:37 pm

Dave: I wanted to thank you again for presenting such a fantastic show with Al in Hillsboro. I was blown away by your guitar work. I hadn't seen Al Stewart since 1985 in London. I hope you book some gigs in Southern Oregon either as a solo show or with Al. It was well worth the trip from Medford to see you guys.

From: Richard Kobylka

On: January 30, 2011 @12:52 pm

Terrific show with Al Stewart last night in Edmonds, WA. My two boys (ages 10 & 12) had a wonderful time and we hope to see you on May 15th at the Triple Door in Seattle, WA.

From: Sheryl Harris

On: January 30, 2011 @10:56 am

Dave - Saw you last night with Al Stewart in Edmonds, WA. Where have you been all my life! Thank you for an amazing show! You are an amazing musician and songwriter - can't wait to get some of your CDs and will be watching for another opportunity to see you. Thank you for sharing your talents.

From: Tammy Smith

On: January 24, 2011 @06:19 am

Dave Nachmanoff knocks me off! He's a "monster" musician and a great guy. We enjoyed seeing you at the South Florida Folk Festival.

From: George Christensen

On: January 06, 2011 @12:15 pm

Met you many years ago When you were doing a opening for David Roth, then you invited me to come down to Olympia to a friends house. In Olympia, Your daughter crawled under the table and held up one of your tapes, I told you that I was from the child protection agency and you said I didn't train her to do that, I told you to tell it to the judge, are you still using her to sell cd's? Thank you for many years of great music!

From: C hris Chaney

On: October 02, 2010 @04:42 pm

Dave, I gotta say that at age 57 I've heard alot of people play guitar. But dude, you are among the tops! Your work with Al Stewart whom I'm been listening to since the late 60's is unbelievable! Hope to see you when you are back in Riverside or in the Palm Springs area. Thank you. Chris in Joshua Tree.

From: Jerry and Nancy Sturmer

On: August 30, 2010 @06:36 pm

Dave, It was great meeting you at the Riverside Fox. We have been enjoying your music ever since. As I told you last Friday, I was surprised how much I liked Al Stewart and especially your playing. After listening to your CDs, I am also a fan of your vocal work. Each time I listen to one of your songs I appreciate it more. You are a great talent. I look forward to your future efforts and hope to see you again when you are near Riverside.

From: Bonnie Dundas

On: August 28, 2010 @04:59 pm

Saw you in Carlton, OR at Cana's Feast with Al. What a wonderful night it was, I had just lost my dad a few days before and the music, food, wine and weather brought me out of a terrible depression. You are incredibly talented and I really enjoyed your set as well as your performance with Al. Thank you!

From: Beth

On: August 28, 2010 @12:17 am

Saw you tonight with AS. Dave you are AMAZING. Hope to see you in Dec. Thanks for sharing your talent. What a gift!

From: Rudy Lobo

On: August 25, 2010 @06:19 am

Heard you on Public Radio WDCB last night, the River City Folk show. Thjanks for your songs and for introducing me to various artists that I hadn't heard before. Rudy

From: Alan & Trish Symes

On: July 06, 2010 @09:13 am

Hi Dave, it was great to meet you at the Stables last week (we're the ones from Glastonbury!). I hope we can see you again in the UK before to long. Fantastic guitar playing and loved RL! Alan & Trish

From: Pete Smith

On: July 01, 2010 @02:47 pm

Great gig at Milton Keynes - thanks for the pick! my daughter will use it to learn guitar LOL! is there any chance of the chords/TAB for RL and Judas Kiss turning up some day - I loved those two in particular last Sunday!


On: June 30, 2010 @02:24 pm

hi Dave, I am happy to write you from a long time... I was standing in Munich two years ago when you was in concert with Al Stewart, and before in 2006 . So, I am a very fan of Al, but also I like you well, when I will see you and Al toghether in Europe again ?

From: Mari

On: June 29, 2010 @02:54 am

Brilliant show at The Stables, Milton Keynes on Sunday evening. Delighted you had such a long set, rather than only a couple of songs. What a quiet, attentive audience. I wanted to call out songs and get up and dance but it wasn't quite the gig for that sort of behaviour.

From: Brett Northey

On: June 15, 2010 @03:38 pm

Loved your show last Sunday at the Rythym Room in Phoenix. Sorry you were unable to attend our dinner with Al and Jill afterwards. I so love your guitar playing. I look forward to many shows in the future.

From: Cinnie Morgan

On: May 18, 2010 @10:25 am

Sunshine with six strings! (don't let the email address fool you)

From: Mike Kozole

On: May 17, 2010 @08:00 pm

Saw you with Al Stewart at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville. What a great show!!! I'm a long time (70's) fan of Al and was absolutely amazed with your playing! Also- your attitude and stage presence is infectious. A wonderful nite indeed!!!

From: Cindy Colbert

On: May 17, 2010 @06:06 am

Saw you live last night with Al Stewart. WOW. You are one of the best! I decided a year ago to learn guitar something I have always wanted to do but never gave the effort to. Watching you play is a marvelous eduction, although usually I just watch with my mouth agape wondering how the hell does he do that. :O) I will definetly keep an eye out for any opportunitys to watch you play, again and again.

From: Tom Heins

On: May 09, 2010 @10:35 pm

Just left infinity theater May 9,2010, Mothers Day Best concert ever been to.Most amazing Guitar work I have ever seen. Al was great,too. Look forward to seeing you guys soon.!!

From: chris

On: May 09, 2010 @02:47 pm

saw you and Al at the boulton center may 9 and loved the performance! You're quite a showman! loved it!! chris & jim

From: Juan Carlos de Argentina

On: April 09, 2010 @05:45 pm

Sencillamente espectacular!! buscando videos de Al Stewart encontré algunos tocando con el, Dave se nota en tu música que tocas con el alma, que pena estar tan lejos y no poder ir a verte en concierto, te admiro, me haces viajar con tu música.

From: Marguerite Valdes

On: April 08, 2010 @08:37 pm

loved the Coach House concert with Al.

From: Alex Kaabi

On: April 04, 2010 @06:40 am

H Dave; It was a Grand and Incredible experience, to see you perform with AL Stewart last night, 4/3, at the Coach House in San Juan. I have never seen an artist take such strong demand and mastery of a Guitar like you had; It was also a pleasure to speak and meet with you in person. Hoping to see you soon!!! Best Regards

From: Hilary Holt

On: March 24, 2010 @06:04 am

So pleased to here you and Al are back in the UK again this year. Looking forward to finding out which venues as there's no chance of Glastonbury tickets

From: Donnie Campbell

On: March 12, 2010 @07:23 am

Hi Dave - I saw you and Al Stewart at the Opera House in Newberry SC. The show was excellent! Please leave this stop on your future road trips.

From: joseph greenhouse

On: March 12, 2010 @05:34 am

Adler to Pushing Buttons


On: March 08, 2010 @12:22 pm

I saw Dave & Al Stewart last week perform in Newberry S.C. and it the best concert I had been to in a long time. Dave is a fanatic guitor player and him and Al have such a great stage presence. I cannot wait until they come back. If you get a chance please see them - you will not regret it. Thanks Dave for a great night of music.

From: richard

On: March 08, 2010 @08:21 am

I just previously signed in asking about a song. I found it. It's called "Thing of Beauty" from his Snapshots cd or mps downlaod.

From: richard

On: March 08, 2010 @08:05 am

Loved the concert with Al at Newberry Opera House on March 4. I bought 3 cds during the intermission, butI don't see the song, "It's Beautiful"? about your wife and her pottery and all the beauty of the world. All 5 of us attending the concert LOVED that song. Help from anyone on whether available on cd. Thanks

From: Eric Larson

On: February 27, 2010 @08:34 pm

I've seen you with Al Stewart in Hillsboro, OR a couple of times. I now have more Dave Nachmanoff CDs that I do Al Stewart CDs. Great stuff!

From: Tim Davidson

On: February 26, 2010 @05:20 pm

I just posted this on the Al Stewart Mailing list and I figured that I would share: I have been listening to Jersey to California by Dave Nachmanoff and Bruce Kalter. And in spite of the fact that I have no love for either location, it is a very good album. Navajo Code Talkers and The Oldest Lifeguard on the Jersey Shore are a couple of my favorites. A good listen and some nice Al like stuff throughout the CD. Best, Tim Davidson

From: Rob Mather

On: February 20, 2010 @02:16 pm

My wife Barb and I greatly enjoyed your concert with Al Stewart at McGabe's in Santa Monica last Saturday! One of the best shows I've ever seen! Currently listening to Uncorked, and hope you see you and Al in Redondo Beach in early April

From: Kate

On: January 28, 2010 @08:46 pm

Dave, I just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I enjoyed the concert that you and Al Stewart gave in Centralia, WA on the 23rd of January and share with you the review that I posted after purchasing “Uncorked”. I just downloaded "Uncorked", and found that the marriage between these two artist styles created surprisingly new sides to songs that have become cherished old friends over the years. Guitarist Dave Nachmanoff weaves and tap dances around Al's lyrics to the point that it elevates the songs to a whole new level of enjoyment! The arrangement of Al's standards in "Uncorked" is akin to curling up with good book that is slightly tattered from all the readings, but the cover has been rebound, making the feel lovely to hold, yet still entertaining and most beloved to my inner troubadour. I consider myself a bit of an Al Stewart snob and am so familiar with his songs as to be aficionado. I have seen him in concert countless times with many different musicians, but mostly with Peter White. While Peter is an excellent musician, he never gave off the joy and energy that you do in concert. I also purchased your cd “A Certain Distance” and find myself singing the title song “A Certain Distance” and “All To Human” on my way to work…it is very catchy! Kate

From: Katy Diamond

On: January 25, 2010 @06:45 am

Saw you with Al Stewart in Centralia and wanted to thank you for a truly wonderful and thought-provoking evening. You looked as if you were filled over-the-brim with joy and conveyed that happiness to us in the audience. Once again, thank you for imparting a truly precious piece of your soul with us.

From: Bruce J Maier

On: January 23, 2010 @12:10 pm

I will be at your concert, Centralia on 1/23. Looking forward to hearing you and Mr Stewart together. Tried to contact through the college for an interview for our web magazine, . Sincerely, Bruce J Maier Publisher

From: reed olszack

On: January 18, 2010 @10:22 pm

Hey Dave Reed from Homestead, Fl You're copying my look! Check out my facebook with a special guest at the piano with me All the best Reed

From: Jeff Yazinski

On: January 10, 2010 @07:59 am

Dear Dave, I have been meaning to drop you a line since seeing you and Al at Eddie's Attic. The show wonderful and everyone left with great smiles and wanting more. I was most excited to see that you will be returning to the Attic in March and have already purchased a table for four. Like last time around my sister Michelle and dear friend Lisa will be there as well. (We tried directing you and Al to the hotel as we all were leaving the Attic). Earlier Spinoza came up when discussing your influences. In closing just wanted to let you know that Uncorked has been in constant play whether in the car or on the ipod. Cheers and look forward to seeing you in March. Best, Jeff

From: Tom Grier

On: December 23, 2009 @06:49 am

Hi Dave, Just wanted to wish you and your family a very happy holiday and best wishes for 2010. It was a pleasure seeing you and Al play in Statesville last month, and thanks for being so gracious with us before and after the show. Looking forward to seeing you again in Newberry in March. Just left a review of Uncorked on Amazon. Now get to work on Uncorked 2! :-) Tom

From: Wayne Tutzauer

On: December 21, 2009 @11:26 am

Dave Just saw you and Al here in Denver - a truly memorable show. Prior to the show I was telling my wife how great it would be to have Peter White playing with Al.... but when you began playing I knew it was going to be MUCH better, and it was. Stop back in Denver sometime soon.

From: Peter McGarry

On: December 09, 2009 @02:02 pm

Hi Dave, Thanks so much for sending on the live cd. NEWS FROM SPAIN - your guitar playing is just astonishing. Amazing textures and right across the cd your playing puts beautiful colours on Al's canon of music. Hope you are well my friend and thank you for being such an inspiration. Regards to you and family Peter McGarry

From: Linda Dixon

On: November 13, 2009 @07:30 am

Hello Dave: One week ago today, November 6, 2009 I was introduced to your music. My husband and I won tickets to your concert at The Sylvia Theater in York, South Carolina; we were fortunate enough to grab a seat in the front row. What a pleasant surprise! I'm spreading the word of how much both of us were impressed. I can't wait to see you again! Thanks for a wonderful show.

From: Bruce Hildebrand

On: November 07, 2009 @07:15 pm

Just discovered your music. See you and Al in Bremerton in February

From: Scott Dunlap

On: November 04, 2009 @03:12 pm

We saw you last night with Al Stewart at The Second Fret in Statesville, NC. You were fantastic! I've played guitar for 36 years and was impressed with your talent. I signed your guest book but my handwriting is bad so I'm submitting on line. I'm listening to your "Time Before The Fall" CD as I type this. Nice collection.

From: Thomas Rath

On: November 04, 2009 @11:16 am

Hi Dave, me and my girl watched you & Al at SCALA in Ludwigsburg (in Germoney, of course..:-)) on 01/11/2008 and I wonder whether and, if so, when you both shall return!! Got an idea, Dave? I just ordered an "Uncorked"-CD. Are you and Al able to sign it? Just a little dedication and an autograph might stop my yearning for your next concert down here!:-)

From: Bill Lassiter

On: November 04, 2009 @09:07 am

Enjoyed meeting you last nite at "The Fret"...loving your CD' have inspired me to practice more! Your guitar work is amazing...

From: Steve Donahue

On: November 02, 2009 @09:48 am

Hi Dave, Uncorked has a brilliant and fresh sound. Haven't been so hooked on a CD in a long time. Al was always good but far better with your world class guitar playing backing his crisp vocals. Hope to see you in the Philly area. Great Work! Steve, Quakertown, PA

From: Anne bradbeer

On: October 07, 2009 @02:44 am

Hey Dave, I can't believe it's been a year (ish) since that last tour. Hope all is well with you and yours, mate. I am listening to "Thunder Bay" with a huge smile on my face and full of great memories of that last tour. KitKat and banana, mmmmm.....

From: Neil

On: October 06, 2009 @02:36 pm

Hi from Manchester UK Just had to say what a brilliant Cd 'Uncorked' is! To my ears it's the freshest Al has sounded for some years and also the great eclectic choice of songs such as the Last Days medley & the haunting 'News from Spain' where you playing is just fantastic. How about Uncorked Vol 2!!Thanks & Best wishes

From: John

On: October 06, 2009 @09:47 am

Dave, I love this new Uncorked record. Downloaded from ITunes on a whim, because I have always liked Al Stewart. This music is great, and your guitar playing is wonderful. Glad I found your music. Consider me an instant fan.

From: Peter from Germany

On: October 04, 2009 @12:55 am

Just ordered "Uncorked", can`t wait listen to it. I saw you with Al some years ago and hope that both of you come back soon to play to the German fans! Love your brilliant guitar playing. Best wishes from Germany, Peter


On: September 30, 2009 @01:53 pm

Dave, you and Al have created a masterpiece with "Uncorked". Usually, live albums are huge disappointments, but even the two songs that I'm not crazy about, "Versailles" and "Dark Water", become excellent songs b/c of your craftsmanship and innovations. I can't thank you enough!!! Bob Cirba of Scranton, Pa.

From: Graham Rhodes

On: September 22, 2009 @02:10 pm

Dave, Received Uncorked in the mail yesterday. Listening now at work. Just wonderful! Masterful guitarwork. I love it! Graham

From: Kelli Reich

On: September 22, 2009 @12:10 pm

Hey Dave! It's Kelli, how are you? Just wanted to update my e mail for ur mailing list. Hugs to all in from the foothills. kel

From: Peter McGarry

On: September 08, 2009 @01:20 pm

Hi Dave, Greetings from a wet and wintry Ireland. Hope you are good. Just bought the live cd so interested in getting a new shot of your great axe playing

From: Maureen Decker

On: August 29, 2009 @07:32 am

Looking forward to hearing the new live CD! Saw you and Al up at the Osthoff Resort in Wisconsin a few years and I've been enjoying your music ever since. Would love to see you here in Michigan sometime.

From: Howard Turner

On: August 17, 2009 @08:21 am

Dave, Was sitting second row in Kitchener on Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Somewhat upset with myself for not bringing the camera, (wanted to just relax and enjoy, which I did). It was a pleasure to meet both you and Al after the show and get your CD's signed by you both. I thought it was a tremendously entertaining show and could clearly see the mutual respect you and Al share for each other. Thanks for a great evening.

From: Phil Jones

On: August 17, 2009 @07:04 am

I saw the show with you and Al in Toronto on Saturday evening (Aug 15) - fantastic show, and your guitar playing was first class - the perfect complement to Al's songs. It was nice to chat with you as well. Thanks again

From: Karen (& Terry) Grignon

On: August 16, 2009 @05:49 am

Dave, Caught your show in Kitchener... front row seats! Thrilled! Felt like the teen I once was at your gig - spent HOURS listening to Al Stewart, only this time you were RIGHT THERE! His songs transported me in time/place then and now... Loved your songs as well especially "Lucky" (yeah- got to admit we can relate ;) and "Sophia". Great voices/playing/presence/collaboration/dream come true. Thank you!

From: phil allitt

On: August 15, 2009 @12:44 pm

hi dave- glad things r going well! i'm soo pleased you are releasing some of your " live " work with al stewart. your vertuosity on stage with al is second to none- can't wait to hear the cd (having just ordered it from you- and look forward to another gig over in here in uk- before too long let's hope!

From: Davy Crockett

On: August 05, 2009 @11:52 am

Hi Dave. We shared a seat row, Portland to Sac last week. You mentioned a concern in Hillsboro in August? When / where? We'll try and attend. Regards,

From: Charles Brauer

On: August 04, 2009 @06:46 am

musikfest foy hall, Pa.. a Great evening with dave & al . thanks for signing my Thread of Time cd . just ordered the cd with al & you. if there is a way both you & al could sign it i would be very greatful , the two of you worked very good together. will be looking for your return charles

From: Ken Williams

On: August 04, 2009 @05:42 am

I caught your show at Foy Hall in Bethlehem (Musikfest) and just wanted to thank you for an incredible evening of music. You're the perfect complement to Al's music and handled the solos in his well-known hits with such class!

From: Traci Smith

On: August 02, 2009 @04:03 pm

Hi Dave, met you at the Al Stewart concert at Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pa. I work for Martin Guitar Co. Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you, and how fantastic you make that guitar sound. I love Al Stewart music and have for years, but the focal point of that show was that 00028 Martin Guitar in your very talented hands! I will be spreading the word at work, and bending the ear of our artist relations director Dick Boak, and hope to have you at the plant for clinics or concerts or both! God Bless, and have a wonderful tour with Al!

From: Jeff O'Brien

On: July 27, 2009 @07:50 am

Thoroughly enjoyed your show yesterday. I hope to be in your area around Aug. 12th. I look forward to hearing you play again! Jeff

From: diane mitchell

On: July 23, 2009 @06:17 pm

I love your music! Great acoustics, great stories!

From: Bruce Kalter

On: July 23, 2009 @05:52 pm

Yo Dave! Awesome news about the new CD! I just went ahead & pre-ordered 3 of them! And...happy birthday to YOU!

From: Gail

On: July 23, 2009 @04:11 pm

Dave, we first saw you in Hillsboro, OR a few years ago and more recently at the Aladdin in Portland, OR. We are so BUMMED that you will be here this weekend and we have to be in Gig Harbor, WA. Seeing Al is great because we've loved him for years, but seeing you is spectacular because of what you can do with a guitar - you are truly amazing. And it's so nice to talk to you because you're genuine - keep up the guitar work and we hope to see you in the near future!! Gail

From: Patty D

On: July 23, 2009 @04:50 am

Happy Birthday, Dave!

From: Keith Garber

On: May 12, 2009 @06:42 am

Hi Dave--I wrote to you in February right after your performance at Santa Fe Station in Las Vegas (Strunz & Farah reference). Hope to get to hear you play again soon-- Keith

From: Dawn van Zijl

On: May 09, 2009 @06:26 am

Have been following Al around the UK. Although Al was brilliant, you were sorely missed. (Dawn & Mike)

From: Jack Carothers

On: May 03, 2009 @02:08 pm

Hi Dave...I look forward to seeing you perform with Al Stewart in July at Carlton, OR. I haven't heard of you until now and I like what I hear. Are there any lyrics with Shenandoah/The Water is Tide? That is a very nice song. Your acoustic guitar reminds me of Michael Hedges (R.I.P.) on that song. Hope you bring some CDs with you at Carlton...JC

From: Amy Williams

On: April 21, 2009 @06:50 am

I saw you perform in Phoenixville, Pa with Al Stewart. I have loved Al's music since childhood. When I heard you play and sing...I felt so lucky to be turned on to such wonderful music. Thanks Good Stuff I will definitley see you again

From: Lane & Kelly McCammon

On: April 21, 2009 @03:37 am

Hi, Dave! I just found your site and wanted to thank you for the show March 5 in Phoenixville. You went out of your way to spend a little time talking with us after the show. Your skills on guitar made you the perfect compliment for Al Stewart's lyrics and vocals. Best Regards, Lane & Kelly Mc.

From: michael silcock

On: April 18, 2009 @11:27 am

hey thanks for every thing that you done for my mom i really appreciated -michael

From: Steve Donahue

On: March 14, 2009 @11:12 pm

Hi Dave, Had the opportunity to see you in Phoenixville, PA on 3/5/09 with a friend. Liked it so much that I went back to see you on 3/8/09. Wow! Your guitar playing was class stuff. You and Al really lite up the stage. Really in sinc! You are such a wonderful compliment to Al's terrific voice and lyrics. PS: the mega tuning and retuning session on Sunday was hilarious. Really added comedy and humanity to the show. Can't wait top see you guys again. Good to rediscover Al after several decades and discover you for the first time. Take care, Steve Donahue

From: Dave

On: March 07, 2009 @08:52 pm

Dave, 5 star review for your perfomance with Al in Natick tonight. As a fellow guitar player, I was blown away by your wonderful riffs. Keep up the good work. Dave

From: Darlene Harris

On: March 03, 2009 @08:43 am

Dave! You rock! I was totally blown away by your playing last night at the RamsHead. Al's unique voice and songs were just so enhanced by your playing. I loved your own sound, and thought, especially Grateful. :) I will be following you. Wish I could've stayed and chatted but thanks for the guitar pick and i'll be buying your CDs! Greatest regards! Darlene

From: Susan

On: March 01, 2009 @09:26 am

Hello Dave! I had the wonderful opportunity to see you live last night at City Winery with Al Stewart. I have been an Al Stewart fan since I was a child. He is an amazing artist. And so are you! You are an incredible guitar player. I was totally floored hearing you and plan on hearing more of your work. Thanks for putting on an unforgettable show!

From: Wendy Himes

On: February 27, 2009 @09:24 am

You were excellent with Al last night in Tarrytown, NY. That song about the Vagabond that you did in opening was my favorite and the other one about "getting lucky" on Thursday night made me smile. Have a great tour.

From: Pete Kaczmarowski

On: February 20, 2009 @08:29 am

For a 2nd year I absolutely enjoyed your show in Phoenix last night. Outstanding guitar work, as always, and equally great stage presence. Thanks for a great evening.

From: Mrs. Fraiman's class

On: January 06, 2009 @12:27 pm

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From: Bruce McArthur

On: January 06, 2009 @06:38 am

I had no idea Dave was performing locally in Kent, WA on a community level. Wonderful to see such involvment with young children. A great inspiration for their musical futures! See you in Phoenix on the 19th of Feb.

From: Henri Goguen

On: January 05, 2009 @08:54 am

Former e-mail address is my business and this one is home, I appreciate your feedback and I glad you have links in Shelburn Nova Scotia, home to see you down here someday, Kitchen party sounds good, I'll supply the lobster to a certain measure or I'd do a heck a good seafood chowder, now how about that temptation. Hope this realize, I know my wife Jeanne and I would be at your party in a flash. Do you know Dave Gunning, a remarkable songwriter and entertainer, from Nova Scotia, I picture you two on the same stage, if you don't know him check is web site. We went to P.E. I. and caught his show and I was very much entertained, great song and a natural on stage. The song That touch me the most when I saw you was the (say goodbye to the elephant) midnight sea touched a cord and also Geroges corner Great songs We're in the process of selling our business, a monument company 100 years old this year, been at it over 30 years, and I have early stage of Parkinson, I still feel lucky to able to see shows and travel and play a bit. Never made my way to california, I see your tagging with Al again, its tempting, but a long shot. Anyhow, have a good year, glad your going to teach in schools, they have the best. Yours, Henri Goguen

From: Louie

On: January 03, 2009 @08:07 pm

We are still listening Dave !!! Hope things are going well. Have a great New Year. Say hi to Jen for us.

From: peter l smith

On: December 23, 2008 @08:38 am

Hi David will you be with AL at Manchester UK May 2009 as I'm looking forward to seeing you both then. Cheers and best wishes Peter Smith

From: Berit Gamsky

On: December 13, 2008 @09:07 pm

Hi Dave, amazing guitar work at the Freight in Berkeley yesterday. You and Al were truly inspiring! Thanks, Berit

From: Alex Burger

On: November 28, 2008 @02:18 am

Hi Dave, I'm impressed ! Not only did you make Al's gig shine much brighter, than it actually was, you were running the show in Nürnberg, and I am glad, that I could be there. ...forward to see you again ... Alex

From: Holger Bongers

On: November 14, 2008 @12:12 am

Hello Dave, I will thank you and Al for your great concert in Unna (11.11.08). Since I'm 17 (1977)years I was a fan of Al Stewart. He is my favourite musician. Now I have one favourite musician more - you! I've bought three CD's of you. They are so fantastic that I will buy your other records also. I hope you will come back to Germany soon, so that I can visite your concerts. Best wishes Holger

From: Holger Bongers

On: November 13, 2008 @03:07 am

Hello Dave, i want to thank you and Al for a great concert in Unna, Germany. Since I was 17 (1977) Al was my favourite musician. Now I have one favourite musician more (you!!!). Your Guitarplaying is great and I hope I can hear it some more times live. I' ve bought three CD's from you and they are all wonderful, so that I will buy The others also. At the end I want to say, I think that you are not only are great musician but also a nice person. Best wishes Holger

From: Mike from Nürnberg

On: November 10, 2008 @12:13 pm

Hello Dave, i would say thank you for the famous concert last week here at nuernberg. Thank you for playing "Loyalist". I`m very interested in history and most of my books are history books and history novels (like C.S.Forester or Ralph McPherson...). I was that guy who was buying three of your cd´s before the concert start and the other tree cd`s in the break. So for the next weeks I`m hearing a lot of Dave Nachmanoff music. I think it will be January, before I can give you a complete feedback. So long, I wish you a good time and maybe, we will see us next time, when you were at germany. Greedings also to Al, I love him for "The Admiral", "Merlins Time" and hundred other songs.

From: Barry Malloney

On: November 09, 2008 @07:45 am

Hi Dave, thank you for your great playing at the Al Stewart concert in Nuremberg last Thursday. I listened to your Wordless Rhymes a few times since then and really like them. I hope to see and hear you again soon. Greetings from Germany, Barry

From: Julia and Tobias

On: November 03, 2008 @06:52 am

We enjoyed your concert at Zeche Carl in Essen very much!!! You and Al are a great team! Go on!

From: Chris Steelaghan

On: November 02, 2008 @01:08 am

Hi Dave, We are on vacation in germany, and had the chance to watch you and Al yesterday in Ludwisburg. Thanks for this great show. You are gifted artist. Chris and Hanne, Scarborough/ON

From: dimitris ntallas

On: October 31, 2008 @03:15 am

I am so anxious to see you together with my dream artist Al Stewart performing in Munich on Sunday. I am coming from Greece only for one day only for your concert. Together with my wife who booked the tickets as a precious present for us both. Looking forward to hear you.

From: Birte aus Lüneburg

On: October 27, 2008 @12:18 am

Hi there! I´ve seen and listen to Dave my very first time yesterday in Lüneburg/Germany (with Al Stewart). And I´m fascinated! I like really, really like your own songs! Thanks for such great music!! Best wishes BIRTE


On: October 27, 2008 @12:15 am

Hi there! I´ve seen and listen to Dave my very first time yesterday in Lüneburg/Germany. And I´m fascinated! Thanks for such great music!!

From: AndreasR

On: October 26, 2008 @09:40 am

I've seen you yesterday in Osnabrück - a great and amazing gig. You're great solo and in companion with Al! Hope you enjoyed the gig and the sip of beer ;-)

From: Joachim Pohnke

On: October 25, 2008 @04:30 am

Hi Dave, great gig with Al at the fabrik in Hamburg. Hope to see you soon. Liebe Grueße Achim

From: Mirco Paske

On: October 23, 2008 @01:41 am

Guten Morgen, Dave! That was a great performance yesterday at "the Fabrik" with Al Stewart. You have to come back to Hamburg in the future! Until then I think I'll have to buy some CDs on the russian black market ;-)) Viele Grüße sendet Dir Mirco

From: Uwe Herrnann, Braunschweig

On: October 22, 2008 @10:18 am

Hi Dave, it was big show yesterday evening. It was a plaesure to here guitare playing in combination with Al's. It was great. Lot of thanks. Uwe & Ingrid, Braunschweig, Germany


On: October 20, 2008 @06:11 pm

Hey Dave, I really enjoyed your show Last sunday in Veenendaal. You are a great vocalist and an awesome guitar player. Kind regards, Niek van Barneveld

From: Frank Wassing

On: October 19, 2008 @03:01 pm

Hello Dave, It was a pleasure to hear you play, really amazing! Also nice talking to you. Veenendaal 19-10-2008

From: Bob de Boer

On: October 19, 2008 @04:44 am

Hey Dave, Great gig yesterday with you and Al Stewart in "Dok 18" in Dokkum, Friesland, provence of 'de terpen'! Thanks also for signing the beautiful cd 'Wordless Rhymes' and your plectrum! Musical greetz from Bob de Boer & all the best!

From: Allan Soberman

On: October 13, 2008 @03:47 pm

Just heard some of your stuff on a Songs with Vision - had to give you some applause. Beautifully done.

From: Gerard van den Tweel

On: October 13, 2008 @01:28 pm

Dave,high five! You and Al gave a more then wonderful show yesterday in Amsterdam! Good playin', a nice audience and you're dancin' at Joe the Georgian! Forget about that earlier show we're talking about: We will give that part of Holland to Belgium... See you later! (PS you're solo-concert near Bonn is not standing at you're website) Greetings (also to Al) Gerard

From: Michelle

On: October 13, 2008 @12:03 am

Hi Dave, excellent performance yesterday @ Parariso in Amsterdam. I was impressed.

From: Jos

On: October 10, 2008 @03:06 pm

Hello Dave, It's about an hour ago we've left the concert in Heerlen. You and Al gave my wife and me a wonderful evening. We enjoyed the concert from the first till the last minute. Your guitarplay is marvellous. Hope to see and hear more of you. Len & Jos

From: Gerrald

On: October 06, 2008 @12:09 pm

Thanks for the great evening you brought to us together with Al. Your album Candy Shower is playing at this moment and we like it very much! Hope to see you again some time. Gerrald

From: Michelle

On: October 06, 2008 @11:58 am

Hello Dave, You and Al gave a wonderful show yesterday in Nijmegen. We bought Candy Shower. I didn't know you before. Hope to see you & Al playing together again in the future. Magnificent.

From: Lennart

On: October 06, 2008 @05:50 am

Hi Dave Thank you for the concert yesterday in Nijmegen. I would like to ask you a favour, i could't find any lyrics from ''The Loyalist'' and ''Descartes in Amsterdam'' you have my brothers email. Greetz, Lennart, the Little brother of Dion van Alem (The one who translated yout newsletter. BTW: Sorry for my bad english, i'm only twelve ;)

From: Alex van de Schootbrugge

On: October 06, 2008 @12:42 am

we have enjoyed the show in Nijmegen very much. Hope to see you again in the future. Greetz, Alex.

From: Naomi

On: October 05, 2008 @02:52 am

Saw you perform with Al Stewart, yesterday in Zaandam ;-) Great show, good music, thanks for that. Saw the pics of your kids, they are absolutely beautiful. Hope to see you perform again in future.

From: Donald Mcmullen

On: October 03, 2008 @03:41 pm

Hope you both have a great Europeon tour,cant wait to see you again. Donald from Pasadena


On: September 23, 2008 @11:03 am

Hi Dave, Just checked out the new pictures of Sophia and Django...priceless! Have a great time in Europe and hope to talk soon. Best wishes always, Milan

From: Joy Andis

On: September 16, 2008 @06:17 pm

Hi Dave, met you at the Triple Door last Saturday. I really love your songs and wish you all the best. Come back to Seattle soon.

From: aalbudin

On: September 15, 2008 @04:39 pm

Hi I'm Angelica Albudin Bye

From: Don and Deborah Amiet

On: September 12, 2008 @04:00 pm

Hey Dave, Another great show in Oregon last night, even with Al's tuning problems. And that opening act was awesome! It was worth getting home at 1:00 AM and having the alarm go off at five! And I think one of the high points was hearing you play "When I See You Again" on 9/11. Thanks for that! We'll see you again!

From: Jane

On: August 26, 2008 @07:55 pm

Dave, The show on Saturday was terrific! It was so nice to meet you, and we love the CD. Please say you'll be playing Al's shows in Oregon next month....

From: kennyb

On: August 26, 2008 @01:56 pm

Dave, Saw you Saturday night with Al Stewart at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. I was not there to see Al Stewart, I was there to support my very good friend Whil Harlan, the opening act. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the show and delighted with your fine guitar work. Loved the 2 songs you did solo as well. Thanks for a great show! My wife treasures the guitar pick you gave her!

From: Peter

On: August 18, 2008 @11:34 am

Hi Dave, I am so keen to meet you & Al Oct 22 in the "Fabrik" in Hamburg. I ordered the tickets today and also the flights. Because we fly in only to see Al & you this session. If you don't know the "Fabrik" you will be impressed, it's a terrific location. Last concert I saw there was B.B.King, some 27 years ago ... as time goes by :)!

From: Pat Price

On: August 02, 2008 @10:24 pm

I just came from the Moses lake concert with you and Al Stewart. A truly amazing and enjoyable show. Your styles really compliment each other and it is very evident how much fun both of you have while entertaining the audience.

From: Russell

On: August 01, 2008 @10:05 am

Hi Dave! I saw you in June at the Three Rivers Winery in Walla Walla, WA with Al Stewart. You two put on a wonderful show!!! You are an amazing guitarist! Can't wait to see you and Al in Moses Lake, WA on Aug. 2nd!!! Please come to Kennewick, WA sometime. If you can bring Al with ya, that would be a bonus!!

From: Bob Cirba

On: July 29, 2008 @01:47 pm

Hey Dave! I just wanted to say that your "Wordless rhymes" is a treasure. YOC and Timeless Skies are unbelievable. And, congrats on your co-write of "Girl on a Bicycle". A gem! Blessings, Bob

From: Lisa

On: June 16, 2008 @12:08 pm

Eric Who Are You is a really cool song! My favorite is RL, which I first heard on Karen's Birthday CD. I'm about to get married to a guy I met OL! You are very talented and a great friend. Warmly, Eric's Little Sister

From: Frank Musitano

On: June 14, 2008 @06:51 am

Dave: It looks like you will be performing with Al Stewart ewater New Jersey this summer (looks like the closest event to Bucks County Pennsylvania. We saw you at Puck in Doylestown a while back and enjoyed the show immensely. Prior to that event Al Stwart performed solo at the Sellersville Theater in Bucks County , PA. This is a larger venue and it was sold out. Perhaps sometime in the future you and Al could play this venue. You have alot of fans in this area (mainly dinasaurs from the 70s like myself). Take care and good luck with the new baby. Frank

From: Brett Northey

On: May 12, 2008 @11:54 am

Dave, We enjoyed the Phx concert back in March. My brother and sister-in-law were the ones who had dinner with Al before the show.I bought "A Certain Distance" that night. Very Good! Looking forward to future shows.

From: Jeff Haukos

On: May 12, 2008 @09:45 am

Dave, first and foremost I would like to thank you so much for performing at the Thrasher Opera House in Green Lake, Wisconsin. I really enjoy the new CD. Al is lucky to have such a talent as his side kick. Thanks much and hope to see you again sometime!

From: Reed

On: April 24, 2008 @07:10 pm

Ditto for me regarding the Eddie's Attic show. Dave is an amazing talent. He and Al mesh so well together it's like they were born to play together. I picked up a couple of Dave's CDs and will be giving them a workout.

From: Wheat Williams

On: April 22, 2008 @04:28 pm

I just saw Dave supporting Al Stewart at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta, Georgia. Besides playing all the right notes, Dave has a rare ability: he is a chameleon of tone and feel. He played the entire concert on his Martin 000 Eric Clapton guitar, but he produced such a wide array of tones from just his two hands and this instrument that, had I only listened to a recording, I would have concluded that he was switching between four or five different guitars. Archtop, Gypsy jazz a la Django, legato electric phrasing, muted runs that evoke early Al DiMeola, to a booming dreadnaught folk vibe. Dave produced them all, and without any electronic effects. Dave is a master.

From: Kevin McKinnney

On: April 22, 2008 @11:55 am

A fabulous show at Eddie's Attic in Decatur with Al Stewart. Tried to keep it quiet, but my jaw kept hitting the floor--amazing tone(s), chops, and ensemble! BTW, if you ever find yourself in need of horn charts or vocal or instrumental arrangements, check out my site, Kevin McKinney

From: Steve Page

On: April 21, 2008 @09:43 pm

Just wanted to tell you how much my friends and I enjoyed your Decatur show with Al. You are an amaziong guitarist. We look forward to seeing you here again soon.

From: Corinna & Sven

On: April 18, 2008 @11:10 am

Hi Dave, we're more than happy to see you again in Hamburg/Germany together with Al. The first concert in November 2006 was outstanding. We still have the photos and mini movies we made with our camera. Looking forward to see you again!! Cordially, Corinna&Sven

From: Dennis Whelan

On: April 04, 2008 @08:59 am

Dave, It's always a pleasure to see you perform with Al. You and he together are more than the sum of the parts. I'm going to see a solo Dave show one of these days somewhere. Dennis

From: Ben

On: March 18, 2008 @09:01 pm

Dave, you are a great guitarist, and a wonderful complement to Al. Just saw you both in concert in Brampton.

From: Marty Pietz

On: March 17, 2008 @08:45 pm

What an enjoyable evening seeing you and Al in Phoenix. Please hurry back

From: Kim Davis

On: March 17, 2008 @01:43 pm

Hi Dave! Great to see & hear your music live again! My husband and I really enjoyed the show, and visiting with you afterwards. Hope to see you in Phx again soon!

From: Mark L. Milstein

On: March 09, 2008 @10:20 pm

What an amazing show you put on with Al Stewart at the "Towne Crier" cafe in Pawling, New York. You guys brought the house down. Stunning guitar work. Wonderful to meet you both. Thanks for an awesome show.

From: Bruce Drummond

On: March 06, 2008 @11:41 am

Obviously a Django Reinhardt fan.

From: Jon Edwards

On: January 28, 2008 @01:15 pm

Great show at the Cactus. The 8 hour drive was worth it.

From: Ruth Artz

On: January 25, 2008 @07:00 pm

Dave, Congrats to the family on the birth of Django---he's beautiful! And so is your daughter--have fun with them!! Hope to see you soon. Say "hi" to everyone in your family from us--including my dad! Hope to go to your Temecula concert! Take care! Your old Arlington pal!! :)

From: Gene Prather

On: January 21, 2008 @08:20 pm

Saw you and Al Stewart in Carson City on Saturday. You were great! and so was Al.

From: Chris Burns

On: December 19, 2007 @02:50 pm

Saw you in Liverpool in 2007 with Al Stewart and throughly enjoyed your solo set. What a lovely baby Django is - you are blessed.

From: Howard Lunn

On: December 01, 2007 @04:22 pm

Hi Dave, although I went to see Al in Phoenixville PA., You held your own and filled in all the holes, and for two guys and a Bass it was fantastic. Some of the stuff you sqeeze out of that oblong cigar box was extremely innovative, and had my heart going, good s**t man. I was the last in line at signing time and I wasn't let down when I met the MAN. I was so relieved that Al puts his legs on one pant at a time, HAHA. It was a great night of entertaiment by the both of you, and I'll be back next time you come around.

From: Mike & Deb Blaine

On: November 23, 2007 @06:17 am

We loved the Phoenixville concert!!!! thanks

From: Louie

On: November 18, 2007 @02:41 pm

Dave, Great show last was good to see you and your family. I hope we don't go that long again. Be safe in your travels. Louie

From: Alan

On: November 16, 2007 @06:18 am

Look out everybody!! Ray Butler's first song will shortly be recorded by Dave.. Best Wishes to all! Alan

From: Henry

On: October 31, 2007 @07:36 pm

Mazel Tov to the whole Nach family. Can't wait to meet the newest! -Henry

From: Joe Clark

On: October 28, 2007 @07:33 pm

Dave, you were awesome at our house concert in Marysville last Wednesday. An excellent mid-week crowd and everyone seemed to have a fine time. Those lucky folks on the east coast attending your shows in the coming weeks are in for a real treat. Thanks for playing. Joe and Tami

From: Denis Olson

On: October 28, 2007 @11:05 am

Very nice to meet you at Brian and Jan Matheny's. I'm listening to your cd's as I write this. Very nice work. you can check my web site at

From: Patty D.

On: October 23, 2007 @06:54 pm

Yay! Congrats to all the Fam, and welcome to Benjamin Django! Love, Patty

From: Laurie & Martine Kaufman

On: October 19, 2007 @11:08 am

Hi Dave Mazel tov on the Birth of your son Benjamin. Hope Mum and baby are doing well. Hopefully we will see you back here in the UK in the not to distant future. All the best Laurie & Martine

From: Lori Nalangan

On: October 04, 2007 @12:17 pm

Dave, Thank you so much for playing for the Shalom Scchool Grand Opening of our new campus. The whole school was talking about how much fun they had and how much the kids loved the music!

From: Margaret Mulroney

On: September 29, 2007 @02:18 pm

I am looking forward to the al stewart concert here in the NW and seeing you. Good luck to you and Jen in the coming weeks!

From: corey brown

On: September 23, 2007 @08:26 pm

Dave, My wife and I have seen you a couple of times now playing with Al in Bellevue, Wa. The first time we went we knew nothing about you. But when we left, as much as we love Al, you were all we could talk about. I think you are one of the most talented guitarists I have ever heard. And the fact that you do all of your house shows is great. And how many artists play and write with 3rd graders. And I really appreciate the chance to talk to you after the show and to tell you how much I enjoyed your playing. You are just a great guy! The last time you came to Bellevue, we took some friends who are fans of Al. We didn't tell them much about you as I was curious as to what their reaction would be. Needles to say, yo have two more fans than you did before. They were amazed at your playing. Keep it up and thank you for sharing your talent with those of us who can only dream of being as good at anything as you are at what you do.

From: Marvin & Robin Voorhees

On: September 14, 2007 @02:36 pm

Hi Dave, Just a note to say hi. We have moved into a new house and the address is 12342 N. Blacktail Road, Marana AZ 85653-9521. and I have changed my email address which is now Can't wait for you and Ala to come to AZ again. Take Care and We love your music. Marv and Robin Voorhees

From: Elaine Barnett

On: September 04, 2007 @06:59 am

Heard you today on "Village" radio (on TV didn't know what kind of music it was, just curious -- I'm converted). Never heard of you before, but I think it's love. Can't afford you today, but I'll be back for a CD or two or three or....

From: David Blethen

On: August 27, 2007 @05:40 pm

Saw your show with Al Stewart in Francestown, NH. About a four hour drive, but worth it!!! Awesome! Get booked in Maine!

From: tom

On: August 27, 2007 @01:43 pm

Hey man, When is the next Alpha-Omega gig ?

From: Erik

On: August 23, 2007 @04:08 am

I've caught your show the last two winter's with Al Stewart at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley and think you're fantastic. I'm heading back to school in Davis for a career change soon -- and I thought how cool! I'll bet I can catch some Dave shows local there! Glad you're out there Dave. Fan, Erik

From: John R. Fisher

On: August 18, 2007 @09:39 pm

Hey Dave! Saw you for the the first but not last time 8/17/07 with Al Stewart in the little town of Francestown NH! What a thrill to have Al come so close to my home and it was an extra thrill to discover and meet you and your music. Bought 2 CD's of yours that we are enjoying and I'm the guy that told you you "Slayed" Al's "On the Border"! I've seen and heard many people play that song and have tackled it myself and I have to tell you you just played like no one else can! Well done my friend! I told Al this but get this- when we heard he was coming to NH my wife actually rescheduled surgery until next week so we could see Al again and seeing and hearing you made it an extra treat! And then you guys letting that young local kid play Piano on Year of the Cat was something people will be talking about for years around here. He was something wasn't he? Good for you guys for making that happen. We'll watch for you and/or Al to come to New England again soon but please tell Al if I don't get to hear you play "roads to Moscow" with him next time I'm letting the air out of your vehicles tires! Have a good east coast tour my friend and enjoy!

From: Don and Deborah Amiet

On: July 23, 2007 @09:13 am

Hi Dave. We're still recovering from the awesome show at Lemelson Vineyards here in Oregon on Saturday; seeing you and Al Stewart in an intimate setting like that (about 170 people) was amazing, and the way you came down off the stage and strolled through the audience doing "On The Border" after the power went out turned out to be the high point of the evening! The set was great and the new song Al debuted was excellent, and funny! We will definitely be watching for you to come to the area again in the future!

From: Jillian Devine

On: July 21, 2007 @10:32 pm

hi dave!!! STOP MOVING YOUR FACE! i can't believe i googled you and actually am getting ahold of you! how are you? how is your baby? old now, i bet! i'm still in chico. i'm having a graduation dinner in stockton in december... i'll let you know more when it comes closer! miss you!

From: Jude Stevens

On: May 31, 2007 @10:25 am

Hi Dave Spent the weekend in Brighton and it brought back lots of memories of your visit there. Hope all is well with you and your family. I'll be on my way to Iceland again soon. Any plans for a UK visit this/next year? All the best Jude

From: Phil Hessemer

On: May 07, 2007 @03:44 pm

My wife and I saw you with Al Stewart last week in Metuchen NJ. We thought you were great. I had followed Al years ago and still play his music (he's on my iPod) but haven't seen him in concert since the 80's. I was blown away with your guitar work both solo and with Al. We look forward to seeing you again if you are ever in our area (NJ, NYC, eastern PA). I'm purchasing a few of your CD's for now.

From: John S.

On: May 05, 2007 @05:11 pm

Dave, I saw your show with Al at the Triple Door in Seattle, back in May 2005. Excellent sound, loved it. You guys even played "News from Spain", on short-notice request frome someone in the audience. Wonderful! Look forward to seeing you and Al perform in Edmonds, WA, later this year. Also, if you're in the New York area, Chris White enjoys opening shows: With kind regards, -John

From: Alan & Diana Hayward

On: May 04, 2007 @09:23 pm

Dave, it was a pleasure to see you in Doylestown PA. You were in concert with Mr Al Stewart and i cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the event. You may recall that we interupted your dinner with Al (for that great apologies)! We trust you will be appearing at a venue in PA soon. Best Wishes to you and Mr Stewart ! .......... Alan & Diana Hayward

From: Frank S.

On: May 03, 2007 @08:21 pm

My wife and I saw your show in Metuchen, NJ with Al Stewart the other night. I have to say it was a very bizarre 1st set with the sound monitors not working, feedback out of control, and no bass. I know Al said he thought he was in Hell and it looked like he was ready to walk out several times, but I'm glad you guys kept it together. I always thought musicians had it easy, but I now I see it can be pretty hard work trying to be entertaining under rough stage conditions. You and Al have a great sense of humor. Believe me when I say the audience was suffering along with you during that first set. The second set was much better when they fixed the sound and Al was happy. Thanks for playing Grateful and Thing of Beauty. Hope to see you again soon.

From: John O.

On: April 28, 2007 @05:56 am

We were in the front row at the Forum Theater last night - me, my son Josh, and my brother Ed. Your songs and guitar playing were outstanding, and, despite the fact that he fell asleep, Josh loved your music also! Look forward to seeing you perform again.

From: David Crockett

On: April 27, 2007 @10:02 pm

Dave. Reading your comments below reminded me to suggest that the whole "Americans can't find Texas" thing doesn't really go over that well in the US as it might in Canada (the "Blame Canada" part was cool though), which makes sense I guess. And anyway, some of us can even find Armenia and know all about it.

From: Jeff Jatras

On: April 27, 2007 @09:57 pm

Hey Dave, just a note to thank you for the great show with Al at the Ram's Head in Annapolis. You are a worthy successor for the likes of Tim Renwick and Peter White and Al should be glad to have you on board. You sure nail that music!!

From: John Kettner

On: April 27, 2007 @04:44 am

Dr. Dave: Had a great time at Puck's in Doylestown last night. You and Al have great chemistry together.

From: Steve and Tricia Lockwood

On: April 26, 2007 @12:34 pm

Great show last night with Al Stewart at the Rams Head. We were vey glad to talk to you for a bit after the show. You do have a dream job. My wife and I think your are fantastic guitar talent and are definitely new fans.

From: Christopher & Melissa Kidwell

On: April 26, 2007 @06:37 am

Dave, Great concert AGAIN last night (we were the ones that asked you about the POINT, and why it closed)... Love seeing you every single time you come anywhere near MD/VA/PA... Enjoying the new CDs... And also GRATEFUL is VERY inspiring... a nice pick-up on the way to work... One comment to make.. As an American (who has traveled abroad several times), it IS embarrassing about the point that Al brought up last night... about Americans not knowing Geography, or even basic History. It is VERY humiliating and embarrassing when those from foreign lands group us all into that category. PLEASE let Al know that there are some out there in this country that know about history, read avidly, study other cultures, and CAN point Texas out on a map... There IS hope!!! Thanks for passing it on. Cheers, Chris & Melissa

From: Jim Sugiyama

On: April 23, 2007 @09:35 am

Dave-I saw you play with Al Stewart at Hugh's Room Toronto-terrific concert-your guitar virtuosity is absolutely remarkable-it's what me and my two boys (ages 21 and !8) were talking about for days afterwards. I purchased your latest CD and am really enjoying it. Keep it rolling and come back to Toronto soon!

From: Howard Schrier

On: April 23, 2007 @09:20 am

Just want to say how much I enjoyed what you brought to the Al Stewart concert last night in Montreal. Al's great, but your presence and playing made the show that much better. What a nice surprise. Thanks! And if you're ever in Montreal again, you gotta come by my place and play some guitar for my 11-year old son. It would inspire the hell out of him and you'd get a home-cooked meal for free! Okay, free beer, too! Take care, Dave. And once again, thanks for a great show. Howard Schrier 514-945-9623

From: tom krueger

On: April 20, 2007 @12:08 pm

Dave you are the man When am I giong to sell some more cds for you? I need a Job

From: Alan Walton

On: April 03, 2007 @02:58 pm

Keep on trucking Dave,we think you are great here in England!

From: Glenn Sherman

On: March 29, 2007 @05:38 pm

We (my grown daughter and I) heard you and Al play at the Sunset Station in Las Vegas. What a wonderful treat. We were coming to hear all of Al's great hits. We were fairly disappointed that the set list didn't include many of our favorites (I guess the heckler in the back of the room had the right idea...if you didn't hear it ask for it :) ). Anyway, we went away amazingly jazzed at what we did hear and were extremely taken with your playing. It is complex and emotionally moving at once. Both of us were just shaking our heads at how good you played. Afterward, I found a disc of Rhymes and Rooms at SecondSpin and have been listening to it. Wow. I wish it was your guitar on that album! Is there any chance that we'll ever see an acustic collaberation with Al on a CD??? We also enjoyed your Elephant song and purchased your disk. We argued on the way home about the meaning of Judas Kiss. I said it sounded very deep and personal and might have been true. My daughter thought that it was a made up story. Who is correct? Well, again, THANK YOU and Al for such a wonderful show. We'll be looking for your return to Las Vegas!

From: Darin McCracken

On: March 25, 2007 @11:21 pm

Had a great time at the house concert in Las Vegas! I really enjoyed the tunes and hope we can work something out back up this way in Oregon

From: justin cox

On: March 18, 2007 @03:40 pm

Hey man, I was at the Winters Irish Pub last night, St Patricks Day. You let my friend and I come up and play a song. I just want to say thanks and that you guys sounded awesome. We all had a cool time.

From: Mike DeShazer

On: March 01, 2007 @03:05 pm

Dave, We met in '96 at the Song School in Lyons Colorado. I was the guy with the Martin M-38. I believe you were playing a 00-21 back then. Anyway, last night I was flipping thru the XM channels and caught the end of a repeat of Al Stewart's Live on XM performance. When I heard Al talk about the difference between the way English and American folk guitarists play I heard a snippet of "Freight Train". And I thought "Gee, I wonder if Dave's playing with Al on this performance?" And sure enough it was you. Boy you were sure ripping it up on Year of the Cat!! It was great to hear you and Al playing together on XM. I hope you come out to Denver sometime. I'd sure like to see you guys live.

From: Henry Friedman

On: February 25, 2007 @05:27 pm

GREAT show in berkeley yesterday Dave. Glad we met and glad we're friends. Was nice to send Bro Barry some good healing. Let us know next time you're in the Bay Area. best, Henry, Rose and Max

From: Patty Dayton

On: February 23, 2007 @07:20 pm

Anybody else going to Dave's show in Berkeley on Feb 24? I'm looking forward to it! Come!!!

From: Tom Cleveland

On: February 22, 2007 @06:30 pm

Dave, Looking forward to a great birthday of good music and fun. See you on Saturday (24th Feb) Tom Cleveland

From: rukmini yoga

On: February 09, 2007 @02:42 pm

cleaning fairies rock!

From: Lou Loeb

On: February 01, 2007 @09:38 pm

Enjoyed the Hillsboro OR. concert. Took one of my daughters. Took her older sister to Al's concert the year before he got famous. It was her first concert.

From: Ed Irish

On: January 30, 2007 @08:48 pm

Dave, totally enjoyed you and Al in Hillsboro (Oregon)on 1/19/07. Your style, the show and the venue (200 folks)were terrific .Thanks

From: Duane Johnson

On: January 22, 2007 @02:32 pm

Dave, it was great seing you with Al the other night in Seattle (Bellevue actually). Are you going to make it up here again someday?

From: John Fesler

On: January 21, 2007 @06:53 pm

Great job on Time Before the Fall, Dave! It's got some really nice songs on it. If your fans haven't picked up a copy yet - they need to...these are great songs!

From: mike

On: January 17, 2007 @01:04 pm

Help! Will be in boston around the time of the Francestown date 17/08/07 - coming from uk. How do we get tickets?

From: Richard Cartledge

On: January 14, 2007 @01:28 pm

Now We're on the computer we can contact you more easily. Saw both you and Al with Marc last october at Bristol and Manchester. Two great shows, marvellous entertainment. Hope you'll all be back in England this year, because we need to buy more of your CDs. Don't forget, Buxton in Derbyshire at the Opera House is a superb venue. Bye for now

From: Alexander Rossi

On: January 07, 2007 @10:07 am

Hey Dave!! I was at the Raspyni Brothers Show on January 6, and I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your talent. You have got a very good thing going. I am currently looking to purchase a CD and I cannot wait to recieve it. -Alexander

From: Jon van Allen

On: January 04, 2007 @01:19 pm

Dave, Long time no see. Sounds like you are doing well for yourself and loving life! I am going have to get your lastest disk. Dad gave me a few of your earlier disks and the kids and I listen to them often. I knew you were destined for greatness the first time we got together and tried to put a song together. I spoke with your Mom yesterday and she filled me in on what you and your brothers were up to. I am sorry I missed your show a while back in Austin, I think my Dad went but I had a previous engagement - my loss. I am back in the Northern VA area with my own family, maybe we can get together next time you are in the area? Good luck and keep making great music! Old family friend, Jon van Allen

From: Ben

On: December 27, 2006 @05:51 pm

Hey, Dave. It's great to see our house concert for you at our place on your calendar, Jan 28. Can't wait! -- Ben.

From: Dieter Weber

On: December 24, 2006 @12:54 pm

Hi Dave, we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you very much for the unforgettable moments on your recent German tour with Al. Cheers, Dieter

From: Michael & Hannah Ziegler

On: December 16, 2006 @08:12 pm

Hello Dave! We just ordered your latest CD "Before the Fall". Hope to see you soon when you swing back to the East coast maybe sometime in '07. Have an excellent Holiday season and best wishes from us for the New Year!

From: Jeff & Katherine Myers

On: December 16, 2006 @07:58 am

Dave, While we have seen you perform many times before,both with Al Stewart and as a solo artist, we must say that we were simply blown away by your playing last night at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. It appeared that even Al was impressed by your phenomenal playing last night, as he forgot the words to "one of his favorite songs." We also enjoyed talking to your father during the break and hearing about your concert at the Royal Albert Hall. Wish we could have been there. Hope to catch one of your shows again soon.

From: Anne

On: December 15, 2006 @11:22 am

Hi Dave! It was a pleasure meeting you through Heike & Stefan during your visit with them in our area. Really enjoyed the concert - and working with you at the school. My daughter (9) has laid claim to your CD ... her little brother joins in on the replaced Robbie Williams! I see you were at Humphreys last week, sniff - say hello to the California sunshine please! Hope to catch you again in concert some day! Take care. Anne (Erpel, Germany)

From: eric wright

On: December 14, 2006 @04:50 am

dave... we were at the sage gateshead in october... just to let you know how much we enjoyed your guitar work, fantastic... and also how much we enjoyed the concert..I particularly liked 'descarte in amsterdam' I'm going to buy one of your cd's for the wife as a suprise for christmas...we'll watch out for you returning.. any solo concerts planned?..all the best...eric

From: Brian & Karen Kent

On: December 09, 2006 @10:17 pm

Dave - thanks for playing at our Christmas party at Humphreys - you and Al are the best. I was a pleasure to get to know you both. Best Regards, San Diego

From: Simon Wiseman

On: December 04, 2006 @04:26 am

Hi Dave, You probably remember me from the SCRIPT project earlier this year. I have just bought and received 'time before the fall' and what a great album dave! I have put it on repeat and got the music turned up :) Cheers Dave and hope to see you again next year sometime. Simon UK

From: Gerard (and Rina) van den Tweel (Holland)

On: December 03, 2006 @04:00 am

As i already told you; you did a great job last thursday in Groningen! It's good to hear you alone aswell playing with Al Stewart. We hope to see you once again in Holland. We hope you enjoyed your staye here! Good luck!

From: frans dekker

On: December 03, 2006 @03:32 am

Hello Dave Yesterday, 2 dec, I was at your concert in Utrecht, and of course Al Stewart. I never heard you before, and never heard of you before, I don't mean Al by that, and I was very impressed of your both performence. I bought the dvd and I was very sad about it, except the studio performence with you and Al; worse sound and worse video. What a pitty. Why could it be like yesterday. Perhaps you can bring out a professional dvd and cd and I have a name already: "stil AL(L)IVE". WHAT A CONCERT!! Thank you and good luck, Frans Dekker.

From: Charly

On: November 29, 2006 @02:04 am

Good Morning, Dave, still so much impressed of your abilty to give an Al Stewart song everything it needs (beside Als voice of course ;) ) with just one guitar - overwhelming! Thank you very much for that great evening! I just went through your music clips and I´m thankfull that they´re long enough to check out the chord of at least one verse and the chorus of a song. Hey, we´re impatiently waiting to have a Dave-Nachmanoff-Concert in Hamburg (don´t we, folks?) :) (Looking forward to play "Firewoman´s daughter" with you - what a sweet story!) Very kind regards! Charly


On: November 28, 2006 @11:12 pm

Hi Dave I saw your concert here in Hamburg last night. I really enjoyed it. I hope you'll be back soon. Best regards Thomas

From: Andrew and Sara

On: November 28, 2006 @06:09 pm

lol you might want the German guy who is doing the .eu site to have a word with Al and that he should really get the same bloke to do his. Also I just realised that you might have been offened when I said to you that you should get a cut away guitar, it wasnt meant to be, it was actually an invite that I could build you one regards Scogs ps tell Al that not being able to put his new CD on our Ipods is a real shitter

From: Adrio

On: November 27, 2006 @04:19 am

Hi Dave We saw you in Berlin on saturday the 25th. Just one comment: amazing! I´ve never heard about you but I would like to play like you. In addition I read your biography and my respects man! I hope to see you in another gig again.

From: Patrick from Switzerland

On: November 26, 2006 @05:24 pm

Hi Dave!Congratulations to the fantastic gig you gave with Al Stewart last night in Munich, well done. I am glad that I bought three of your great CDs. All the best & toi toi toi for the future

From: Ed (Holland)

On: November 26, 2006 @01:40 pm

Hey Dave, great gig last night in Berlin. Your songs are great & your way of playing guitar excellent. I hope I see you again anywhere / anytime (just like the Berlin girl)

From: Eike P.

On: November 25, 2006 @02:38 am

Hi Dave I saw you yesterday in oldenburg and it was a wonderfull evening with you and Al...but I am sad that I was the only teenager at the concert... thankyou for the great music...!!! by the way: is it possible that you write down some tabs on youre website,so that we are able to try to play youre songs, too...???

From: Michl Kohler

On: November 19, 2006 @03:42 am

Hi Dave Saw you in Ludwigsburg last night. Thank you for the great show. You played things who are unable to play! Who is Al Stewart? :-)

From: Anne Bradbeer

On: November 18, 2006 @04:12 pm

I was utterly blown away by your music tonight in Ludwigsburg. I'm so glad I've come away with enough CDs to contribute substantially to putting Sophia through college!

From: Joachim Beuchert

On: November 18, 2006 @08:40 am

Hi Dave, thanks for a great evening in Mosbach, Germany. Great guitar playing, great songs, lot of fun with Al Stewart and you!

From: Werner

On: November 16, 2006 @11:33 pm

Hi Dave, I had never heard about you before I saw you playing with Al Stewart in Kaiserslautern yesterday. I was very impressed by your performance both solo and as musical accompaniment for Al Stewart. It was a great experience to hear you and I was also surprised that the three of you have been in the restaurant just a little time before the beginning of the concert and that your appearance in the public was very pleasant and natural.

From: Norbert Thul

On: November 16, 2006 @02:29 pm

Hi Dave, saw you this evening in K-Town. You played really brilliant. It was a really nice evening hearing your music and your duo with Al.......

From: Gian Carlo Giacobbe

On: November 15, 2006 @12:06 pm

Hallo Dave, thanks for your great perfomance with Al Stewart, yesterday night at the Colos Saal in Aschaffenburg!

From: martin shaw

On: November 12, 2006 @05:42 pm

hi dave, i went to see you in york october 28th this year and in pocklington 2005, just wanted to say thanks for been great and signing wordless rhymes for me, you truly are one of the nicest people i have ever met in my life, thanks very much :)

From: Alan Dryden

On: November 10, 2006 @03:09 pm

saw you at Queens Hall Edinburgh with Al were brilliant

From: Andy Ledger

On: November 10, 2006 @01:14 pm

Hi Dave, I saw you with the old feller at the Albert Hall on Wednesday - fantastic as ever. I bought your new CD, which I'm listening to now, and it's as good as 'A Certain Distance' - if not better. Well done!

From: Baumgartner, Marita,

On: November 09, 2006 @06:37 am

Lieber Herr Nachmanoff, am 20. November werden Sie in meine Klasse (4B)kommen, zu der auch Mark Hesse gehört, der Sohn Ihrer Freunde in Erpel. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Sie sich für uns Zeit nehmen. Ich werde mit meinen Kindern nächste Woche intensiv über die Themen Herbst und WInd sprechen. Vielleicht findet sich ein Gedicht oder eine Geschichte, die sich für einen Song eignet. Seien Sie uns herzlich willkommen! Marita Baumgartner

From: Andrew Tilbrook

On: November 09, 2006 @02:00 am

Hi Dave, Saw the show in Cambridge a couple of weeks back and at the Royal Albert Hall last night. Fantastic evenings both. Keep up the good work! Any plans to release a live CD of you Al and the band??

From: clive ramsden

On: November 08, 2006 @08:51 am

hi dave,i saw you supporting al in were absolutely brilliant,especially the russian dancing!

From: John & Arlene

On: November 06, 2006 @06:46 am

Hi Dave, well done on the Vicer St gig, really superb. Stefan put the review on his site Have to say the whole experience and aphmosphere was most enjotable, the interaction with the audience and the fact that you all were available to meet everyone afterwards. Hope to see you back in Dublin in the future.. Best Wishes John H.

From: John Nolan

On: November 04, 2006 @05:20 pm

Spoke to you at the gig in Vicar St. in Dublin. It was a joy to watch you play with Al, and your solo stuff is wonderful! Hope to see you again soon!

From: Ernie Woodhall

On: November 03, 2006 @12:23 am

Many thanks for the Sage Gateshead gig both as solo artist and with Al Stewart. Very impressed with the Time of the fall CD.

From: Chris Burns

On: November 02, 2006 @03:15 pm

Saw you at Liverpool Phil - what a great night - carry on the good work Dr. Chris.

From: Sandra Murray

On: October 29, 2006 @04:58 am

Hi Dave It was great to see you in Edinburgh on Friday 27 October .I saw you for the first time last year in Glasgow and was mighty impressed and even inspired to learn guitar!.I dont know if my husband Grant was too impressed that I might now want a Martin to learn on !!.Anyhow, Keep up the good work and Haste ye back! Sandra

From: Cassandra

On: October 27, 2006 @06:55 am

Really looking forward to your's and Al's concert in Oldenburg Germany in Thanksgiving treat. The last time I heard Al play was at the Roxy in West Hollywood MANY moons ago!Enjoy your tour

From: Eric Foster

On: October 26, 2006 @01:40 pm

Saw you in Manchester 25/10/06 with Al Stewart. Most impressed!

From: Bernie Price

On: October 26, 2006 @03:36 am

I saw Dave at the Colston Hall Bristol with Al Stewart. I obvously went to see Al, but I have to say I was very impressed by Dave who opened the set.I had never heard of Dave until that night. Also throughout the rest of the show Dave provided sterling service in accompanying Al. I hope Dave continues to progress in the business and acheive great things.He deserves it ! I must have been impressed to seek out more information on him and was delighted to find this web site. I'll be back as Arnie would say !

From: mike

On: October 22, 2006 @12:56 pm

we to saw at bristol last night and really enjoyed the concert. Your guitar skills were sublime! Will also get a CD or 2!

From: patrick

On: October 22, 2006 @05:01 am

Hi Dr. Dave saw you at Bristol last night. Never heard you before and was knocked out by your amazing guitar skills. Will go buy your albums right away. Hope to see you again one day. patrick

From: Yoel Hyman

On: September 24, 2006 @04:02 pm

Another Big Day is my 2 year old daughter's favorite album. she love the cat song. When will there be another one? Yoel Hyman

From: patrick

On: September 21, 2006 @02:49 pm

Hi cool site, keep on rockin' ;) - For tabs you may check out

From: Char

On: September 19, 2006 @07:19 am

Saw you at Thrasher Opera House. Jammin to you ever since. Great way to zone out and gain some inner peace.

From: Alan Johnston

On: September 17, 2006 @06:41 pm

I saw your show at McCabes I thought you were excellant. And Al was not to bad either

From: Janet Fransila

On: September 16, 2006 @08:33 am

Dave, I saw you perform at the Coach House last night, Sept. 15. Never have I heard ANYBODY play guitar like you do! You are incredible. I am just sorry that I didn't buy your new CD right then and there, and have you autograph it....DARN! Any chance I could still get one? My husband missed the show and I am still ranting and raving about you.......

From: Marvin & Robin Voorhees II

On: September 15, 2006 @10:13 am

Dave, You wrote the most beatiful song for me and Robin Called Wheels within Wheels. We treasure the song and will always remember you as the man that helped start and long and lasting relationship. Keep up the outstanding work. Sincerely, Marvin and Robin Voorhees

From: Julie (and Rich) Kulmann

On: September 09, 2006 @11:48 pm

Heard you for the first time this evening at the Hoblit Theater. Many thanks for your poetry set to fine music. It really touched a responsive note. (At this time We're listening to the 5 CD's you so patiently signed.)See you at a DMTC show - West Side Story? -and come say "Hello" after the show.

From: Rand Clifford

On: September 08, 2006 @11:19 pm

OOPS...guess I meant "guessed", and guess I oughta keep my spell checker on. And please come back to Spokane.

From: Rand Clifford

On: September 08, 2006 @11:09 pm

Life's rewards, Dave. Keep hoping to see you and Al again in Spokane (enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Al last time at---you geussed it, our premier Japanese restaurant). The synergy You and Al display is truly remarkable.

From: Joel

On: September 02, 2006 @06:38 am

Keep up the good work :-) greetings from the UK!!

From: Marc Valdez

On: August 23, 2006 @03:00 pm

Looking forward to seeing you Sept. 9th at DMTC in Davis!


On: August 04, 2006 @02:24 am

la musica es la vida,gracias amigo

From: gabriel villuendas

On: August 04, 2006 @02:12 am

gracias por fabulosa musica


On: July 30, 2006 @12:25 pm

an education. S o precise despite the elaboration A agree to that "Grateful" is such a wonderful song. Thank you

From: richard

On: July 29, 2006 @11:38 am

great show @ the moscow fair thanks for the guitar pick i will put it on my vest how come al stewart does not have signature picks? i asked him for one for my vest

From: Dawn

On: July 28, 2006 @12:39 pm

Dr. Dave: Had a great time last night in Moscow! I hope to catch you again sometime soon. I can see why Mr. Stewart travels around w/you. Add a new fan to your list. I'm glad you're no longer teaching, you look like you're having a lot more fun doing this and we the listeners get a real treat. Thank you! (And please tell Mr. Stewart I said hello.) Peacefully, Dawn

From: Gil & Shelly Young

On: July 28, 2006 @07:55 am

Dave- Thoroughly enjoyed your show with Al in Moscow, PA. We were the Asian guy/ big-eyed laughing gal in the front row. Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat with you. Al has always managed to surround himself with very talented musicians and your presence is no exception. You work speaks for itself and we're glad you brought some culture and class to this corner of the world. We're originally from S.F. so it was nice to have that west coast energy here. Looking forward to our annual trip to CA so we can catch your act again. Keep up the good work. Gil & Shelly Young

From: Charlotte McBride

On: June 23, 2006 @11:52 am

hi dave! charlotte calling! been at school today and spoke to the head of music (who I know quite well) and gave her a copy of 'certain distance'. I told her they were £10 if she wanted more. I also told her that you were coming over soon and she seemed interseted. She asked when and I wasn't sure but she will tell me on Monday what she thought of the C.D (i think she'l like it!) anyway, another fan on it's way!! Love Charlotte xx p.s. hi jen and sophia xx

From: Ted Tesser

On: June 20, 2006 @03:30 pm

Thank you for all your fine work. I look forward to seeing you in the near future. TT

From: Tony Silvia

On: June 11, 2006 @06:33 pm

Dave, Many thanks for the signed copies of “Wordless Rhymes” and “A Certain Distance”. Wow – I can’t decide which one I like the best (and don’t feel I need to – they’re both awesome!!) After a couple of listenings to each I feel certain these will be in heavy rotation on my stereo for a while. Here are my initial thoughts…”Wordless Rhymes”: Instrumental Genius. After listening to most of these songs for over 20 years, what a refreshing experience it was to hear them reinvented in new and creative ways. I wonder when he wrote “Carol” if Al ever thought there’d be a polka version (but it works!!) “A Certain Distance”: Upbeat and uplifting, with beautiful lyrics and vocals. Man, I wish I were a tenor like you… Anyway, please keep in touch and let me know when you plan on being in or around Virginia again. Peace… Tony Silvia

From: Bill Huggins

On: June 09, 2006 @09:36 am

Hey there Dave Are you going to be touring in the UK with Al S later this year? I'm looking forward to your opening set if you are. I'm still playing your 2 CD's that you kindly autographed for me. Thanks Bill & Heather

From: Joe

On: May 30, 2006 @09:07 pm

Hey Dave, I received the pick in the mail but it must be broken, for I don't sound a bit like you at all. what gives?

From: waltd

On: May 13, 2006 @01:28 am

Saw you at Kent, Ohio a couple of nights ago. Probably the best concert I have ever attended/heard. Please come back to Ohio. Al was pretty good too.

From: Frank Sulik

On: May 07, 2006 @03:20 pm

Dave, My wife and I saw your show with Al Stewart in Metuchen, NJ this week. We had never heard your music before but it was very nice. We were really touched by "A thing of beauty". You both were very warm and personable and the show was a lot of fun. It was really good to see Al again. Were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year and our first date together was at Al's concert at the Tower Theater in Philladelphia back in 1978, so it brought back a lot of good memories. Thanks again!!

From: Gary Germann

On: May 07, 2006 @07:55 am

Saw you in Springfield, IL last night with Al Stewart. You're guitar playing is some of the best I've heard...and I've heard a lot. "Grateful" is such a wonderful song. Anyone who is having a bad day should give it a listen and their cares will melt away. My wife's 50th is comng in July. I'd love to have you put together a song for her, but I already spent my $1K on the party. Maybe for her 55th! Keep up the fine work. I hope to see you again.

From: Joe Geis

On: May 06, 2006 @05:48 pm

Hey Dave, saw you the other nite in Metuchen also, man you really nailed 'On the Border'. is was fantastic. My wife and I wound up watching your hands throughout the show more than watching Al !!! Just great! Like Kevin Below, I was not able to add my name to the mailing list. Joe Geis 682 Sycamore St. Rahway, NJ about that pick also? thanks for a great show.

From: Kevin Keane

On: May 03, 2006 @10:24 am

Dear Dave, Attended last night's concert in Metuchen and was impressed by your virtuosity. Couldn't put my name on your mailing list since it was rather late. Could you send me a guitar pick also? Yours Truly, Kevin B. Keane 134 West Golf Ave. South Plainfield, New Jersey, 07080

From: Ray Ligon

On: May 03, 2006 @05:15 am

Dave, I really enjoyed the acoustic show you and Al put on in Madisonville! You play an awesome guitar! Looking forward to hookin' up with you down the road. Take care!

From: Art Lastew

On: April 28, 2006 @07:10 am

Your CD's are great listening, phenom guitar work! Met you when I saw you with Al, you're a very nice person too.

From: Susan Crosswait/Brad Downall/Evan Downall/William

On: April 25, 2006 @04:36 pm

Everything I hear about your concerts in Madisonville is SO positive. Everyone loved you both. Brad, I and the boys all had a great time. Keep/put us on your email list!

From: Stan

On: April 15, 2006 @11:10 pm

Dave, Fabulous show at the Corktown tavern in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Amazing guitarist with fingers, fleetness, finesse and frets to do the job. Wonderful vocals as well. Come on back this way sometime soon. Stan from Adventures In Plasticland, 98.5 CKWR FM.

From: Vladimir Radovic

On: April 13, 2006 @08:33 pm

Hi Dave. Thank you so much for wonderful night with Al on Sunday in Hamilton. Hope you are coming again. Let us know. Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing it. Best wishes Vladimir

From: Tom Duffy

On: April 10, 2006 @01:51 pm

Hi Dave. Thanks for great shows both Friday (at Hugh's Room), and Sunday in Hamilton(lol!) Thank you so much for taking the time to chat and share so much about yourself, life, and music. You are very modest, and al is very fortunate to have someone with your musical chops, and presence. Be well, and enjoy any family time you can soon... Take care, Tom and Nicole duffy

From: Tim Armstrong

On: April 08, 2006 @04:05 pm

Hi Dave, bought a copy of grace cathedral, really enjoyed your playing. Cheers Tim

From: Gerry Piche

On: April 07, 2006 @11:30 pm

HI Dave, caught you and Al in Banff, Alberta. Drove 6 hours from Kelowna, BC to see the show. Been an Al Stewart fan for over 30 years and know his music inside and out and you more than did justice to Tim Renwick, Peter White and Laurence Juber's guitar work on Al's music. Bought your last copy of A Certain Distance at the show and just love it. Thanks again for a great show, Gerry Piche

From: Mike McCracken

On: March 30, 2006 @08:12 pm

Dave, It was trully a pleasure to meet you and to finally listen to you "live" with Al. The show was great and had a great vib! Wish you could have played more of your own songs. It was a special treat to sit with you and Al after the show a swap stories. They were like a walk down a rock 'n' roll memory lane. I hope we can get together again soon, maybe with Phil and Suz. Debbi says hi, and said to ask how your knees are holding out. Please let me know if your ever passing through Vegas. Your friend, Mike

From: Terry Dever

On: March 28, 2006 @07:41 pm

Hi Dave, Had the privelege of seeing you play with Al Stewart last friday night in LV. Wow,you are one talented musician, your performance has inspired me to dust off my guitar and start playing again, thank you. It's obvious that you and Al have some good juju together, it was truly a moving experience, I'm truly grateful to have been there. Should you for any reason find yourself in Hurricane, Utah, please stop by, stay awhile, or whatever. Thank You again!!!! Terry Dever PS I'm going to go see Mary Chapin Carpenter this weekend, it should be good. Have fun up there in the Great North.

From: Ted

On: March 19, 2006 @09:33 am

My wife and I saw you playing with Al Stewart in St. Albert last weekend. We missed your set because the bad weather made us late - just caught the last half of the last song before you introduced Al Stewart. Anyway, we REALLY enjoyed the show and I was impressed by your guitar playing for Al's songs. Al's website doesn't seem to have space to leave comments, but if you would be so kind to let him know that we enjoyed his stories very much between the great songs. Al is a wonderful entertainer and the drive through the bad weather was well worth it. Thanks!

From: John H

On: March 14, 2006 @11:52 am

Al is coming to Vicar St Dublin in November,are you performing as part of the Duo Dave? Got the Grace Cathedral DVD from Neville, excellent.

From: Rob Harper

On: March 10, 2006 @02:02 pm

Hey Dave Sorry I can't make it to the show. Welcome back. I still hope to see you. Great show here last year! Cheers Rob, Edmonton

From: Julie Weld

On: March 04, 2006 @01:14 pm

Dave saw you with Al at FL Tech and really enjoyed your music. I have told everyone I can about you and play your CD Candy Showers so much that my 5yr old grandson knows alot of the words. I would like to buy more music when I can afford it, but till then I will continue to listen to Candy Showers at least twice a day. Your style and vibrations are the best and I hope to see you back in FL soon. I also grew up part of my childhood in Alexandria so I really love Kindred Spirits. Thank-you for the joy of your music., Jules

From: Jeanie Crone

On: March 03, 2006 @06:19 am

Hi Dave, Great website! It is nice to heave music clips and the photos are also fantastic. Hope to see you in France in October! All the best, Jeanie

From: Shaun Beattie

On: February 28, 2006 @02:55 pm

Dave hi is the new cd Wordless Rhymes available in the UK, looking forward to hearing it.

From: Lauren

On: February 03, 2006 @08:23 pm

Dave, It was great meeting you in New Hope and I hope you can come play in the area again. I love album "A Certain Distance", and you and Al put on an excellent show. Keep it rockin. -Lauren (

From: Ron

On: February 01, 2006 @05:16 pm

Doesn't seem like you or Al ever come around the Charleston,SC area or am I just over looking some dates? I'm sure you've heard it over and over "great tunes".--Ron

From: Brian Hirst

On: January 30, 2006 @07:43 pm

I look forward to seeing Al and you in New Hope, PA, on Friday night. Would it be possible for you to perform "Hippposong" and/or "Timeless Skies"? Thanks. Brian Hirst

From: J. Cleveland

On: January 28, 2006 @05:24 pm

Just saw you and Al at Melbourne FL and must say, was very impressed and enjoyed the show. Look forward to purchasing your CD's with your music on them.

From: Les Collinson

On: January 18, 2006 @06:32 am

Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your playing on the new Al Stewart DVD (Live at Grace Cathedral). You have Peter White and Lawrence Juber to follow and you did admirably well! Thank you for some truly great sounds. Don't worry if you smell's only my guitar! Best wishes, Les

From: Nancy G

On: December 10, 2005 @09:59 pm

We really enjoyed your concert with Al at the Colonial. You did a great job!

From: The Young Family

On: November 24, 2005 @02:22 am

Hi there Dave! Thanks so much for all you did for Gabby last month. We very much hope to do some work with you soon. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!

From: David Preston

On: November 16, 2005 @03:50 am

Great to meet you again briefly at the Al Stewart Gig in Glasgow. The CDs I bought are rarely out of the car stereo which is the biggest compliment I can pay you!

From: Simon Wiseman

On: November 12, 2005 @01:45 am

Hi Dave, Just wanted to say a big thanks for the great workshop you held with S.C.R.I.P.T and that i really enjoyed it and really hope that you will come back and visit soon. I have never seen such a great guitar artist. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt from it. Thanks once again, Simon

From: geoff hackshaw

On: November 08, 2005 @10:14 am

the stables gig was brilliant see tou next year

From: Brian, Jean, Anthony, and Alicia Blake

On: November 02, 2005 @08:22 am

Hey Dave, Come play for us in Colorado, stay for free, and see the Rockies. Maybe do a house concert, like the old days.

From: Charles Hinitt

On: November 01, 2005 @12:22 pm

Dave Great to see you again at Worcester, England - yes remember the church? I am writing this working late at my office, and playing "Wordless Rhymes" which is making the job much easier. Keep up the good work and come back to England soon.

From: Dave Schofield

On: October 30, 2005 @12:02 pm

Two great evenings at Bury St Edmunds and the Barbican Dave. Superb performance and an honour to speak with you briefly afterwards. Thanks for the plectrum!

From: Dave Griffiths

On: October 29, 2005 @01:25 am

Just seen you and Al in Bury St Edmunds. Great show and thought you were excellent. Hope to see you again soon. Dave

From: Andy Ledger

On: October 28, 2005 @10:01 am

Hi Dave - by the time we spoke in Tunbridge Wells, I'd already added this site to my Favorites, having been hooked by 'The Loyalist' the night before at The Barbican. I'm so glad I went for the 'Nach Pack' of 5 for the price of 4, it's the best £40 I've EVER spent. It was a real pleasure meeting you. Best wishes, Andy

From: David Lines

On: October 27, 2005 @01:02 am

Hi Dave, saw you for the first time last last night in Tunbridge wells. The show was great! I really enjoyed it. Played your CD on the way to work this morning and again really enjoyed it. Pleased to have met you and look forward to seeing you again sometime. All the best Dave.

From: Gary Mason

On: October 25, 2005 @01:48 pm

Met you at the Al Stewart concert at the Stables, we all thought the evening was fabulous. Both you solo set and the sessions with Al were truely memorable. See yu next year!

From: John Barr

On: October 24, 2005 @04:21 pm

Hi Dave, just a note to say 'thanks' for your performance at the Glasgow Al Stewart concert on 15 Oct. It was excellent, both your solo set and your superb guitar support for Al's session. I'm definitely going to buy the solo album you spoke about. Hope you enjoyed Scotland and that you'll be back! All the best, John.

From: Ray Phillips

On: October 21, 2005 @05:08 pm

Just got back to South Wales after the Al Stewart gig in Worcester. Really enjoyed your brief solo set, and thought you complimented Al superbly. Thanx!

From: Chris

On: October 18, 2005 @09:56 am

Dave you were fantastic in Glasgow your playing is so thoughful and musical. You really added to the show.

From: Tony

On: October 18, 2005 @05:44 am

Dave, you put on a great show with Al at the Robin on sunday night. Not only are you a great guitar player (was that a triple o Martin up there?) your general stage presence and humour was a big part of pulling off what was the best Al Stewart gig I've been to. And I've been to a few! Well done, Dr Dave!

From: George Abbott

On: October 18, 2005 @01:45 am

Hi Dave I saw you with Al Stewart in Glasgow 15.10.2005 great show and some brilliant guitar playing.I have been a fan of Al Stewarts for about 20 years and you added colour to the night.Also if you have time I am a songwriter not proffesional but your comments would be appreciated.My website Thank you again for a great display of guitar playing.

From: Mark lawrence

On: October 17, 2005 @02:20 pm

Hi Dave, Saw you last night at the "Robin 2" in Wolves. Wow!! Thanks for a great show,my wife and I enjoyed it immensely. Will you be playing in your own right over here at any time? Will you be back to Wolverhampton

From: Bill Huggins

On: October 16, 2005 @04:26 pm

Dave Loved the concert with Al at Robin 2 (especially the support act). I'm listening to Threads of Time as I type and I like what I'm hearing. Your web site is in my favourites list now so I'll follow your career from now on Kind regards Bill

From: Glenn

On: October 11, 2005 @03:33 pm

Dave. Dave. Dave.... My best friend Jerry turned me on to your music, and for the last two weeks, it's all I've listened to!!!! Great guitar work, great voice. Take it easy, and keep up the awesome work. Glenn in the Northwest.

From: Rand Clifford

On: October 04, 2005 @10:27 pm

Dave, got your guitar pick sitting here on my desk, telling me to: Write To Dave! Loved your show with Al--now don't ask me to say if I liked You and Al better than Laurence and Al...that's like asking: "Do you like sunshine and wine...or sunshine and rain, better? I love them both. And I often think of "Fender".... Great intro to last time we saw you and Al. Hope we can keep in touch--I have two new novels published, and have been thinking about some musical "escorts"...something like that. Rand Clifford

From: David Owen

On: October 04, 2005 @04:05 pm

Were you playing in a band at Jesus College? What do you think of Past, Present and Future. Good luck with your tour. Ex undergraduate.

From: Julie Freer

On: October 02, 2005 @11:38 pm

Hi Dave, I had the pleasure of seeing you in Bellevue with Al Stewart and loved you even more at Erin's. Thank you for a lovely evening. Julie

From: John Fesler

On: September 25, 2005 @08:43 am

Great job on Wordless Rhymes! A nice cd to listen to your guitar work with a twist of Al in it. Al's songs are there, but yet they're not! Recommendation to all: order this cd from Dave today.

From: David White

On: September 16, 2005 @07:38 pm

Dave, Saw you in Carson City in June. You and Al were so gracious to spend all the personal time with us. BTW "The Loyalist is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Which CD has more cool songs like this and "A Certain Distance"?

From: Graham Jones

On: September 14, 2005 @04:00 pm

Saw you and Al at the Philharmonic Hall Liverpool England. Great venue, great gig! How about a return?

From: Jeff

On: September 11, 2005 @11:53 am

Dave, Thanks for coming to Houston and sharing your talent with us. Your guitar playing was so lush and emotive that it left me shaking my head with disbelief more than a few times. I can't wait to get a copy of your upcoming instrumental album. Please return to the Mucky Duck soon.

From: Claudia Pujol

On: September 11, 2005 @11:12 am

Dave, Caught you at the 2 shows in Houston with Al, and as in the past am blown away with your guitar playing. You are up there at the top. Keep coming to Texas!

From: Vickie Carpenter

On: September 10, 2005 @09:12 am

Saw you and Al last night and the night before at the Mucky Duck. Had a wonderful time and can't wait to get some of your CD's. As soon as I make it back home and things settle down (home is in New Orleans), you will be hearing more from me. Your instrumental work was awesome and exceedingly enjoyable. You and Al make a great combination (and you on your own was a great surprise and treat). I visited your wife's site since I too am a potter. Her work looks wonderful. I am going into withdrawal since I have not been able to "pot" since evacuating. Thanks for your music and you. Best wishes, Vickie

From: michelle

On: August 29, 2005 @04:57 pm

Saw you years back in Reston and the Community Center coffee house. Awesome performance! Would you consider putting lyrics on your site? I have them on my cds, but when I send people to your site- it would be nice to see the lyrics. Just converted a friend to get Snapshots tonight.

From: Barb Hughes

On: August 08, 2005 @01:20 pm

Hi Dave, I hear you got to meet my brother Rob in Edmonton. Don't know if he told you, but he has played drums with Mark Ladoucer and Karla Anderson, who joined you on stage. He said he took photos, so we'll send you some if they turn out OK! Hugs, Barb

From: Eryn Payne Wade

On: August 03, 2005 @11:50 am

Hey Dave, I think you are really fantastic, really. Your fingers are like magic little twinkletoes strumming on that guitar. Please come play in NYC soon! Your adoring fan, Eryn

From: Lesle Bevins

On: July 21, 2005 @06:55 pm

Our family attended your concert in Scottsdale. Your talent is rare. We were so impressed with you, Al, and the whole evening.

From: Marvin E. Voorhees II

On: July 21, 2005 @07:19 am

Dave I was at the show Sunday evening in Scottsdale and found your music really awesome. You are also an outstanding performer, being able to entertain by candle light was just too cool. Thanks

From: Mutt

On: July 18, 2005 @03:52 pm

I've just pointed another friend your way. We saw you play with Al in England, were blown away, grabbed us a couple of signed CDs and proved ourselves most unoriginal by asking you about Fender. ;) Keep folk-rocking!

From: Liz Bligan

On: July 16, 2005 @12:00 pm

Hey Dave, It worked! There wasn't a dry eye in the house! The song we wrote for Mom was perfect, and the presentation was as well. Mom loved it, she cried throughout and really seemed moved by the lyrics. Thank you so much for becoming a Moore for a day -- you fit into our family so well! You are definitely Da Man to go to when the perfect custom song is needed. Thanks again. Liz

From: Gillian Lockleer

On: July 01, 2005 @11:00 pm

I'll eternally refer to us as "the ones from Seattle" when talking to you. We had such fun flying to CA for your Jan. Fairfield show w/Al Stewart. That show led to our discovery of you. We also enjoyed your Seattle Triple Door show w/Al--both shows you were phenomenal! (loved Joe the Georgian). You are a very gifted artist. We enjoy talking to you at the shows. Hope to see you Oct. in Bellevue WA! Take care -- Your "Seattle" friends

From: Robert Lafnear

On: June 27, 2005 @08:45 pm

GREAT show in Jacksonville, sending friends in Riverside to you show there...please make it back to Oregon again and it was nice meeting you. Robert


On: June 26, 2005 @07:16 pm


From: Liz Bligan

On: June 23, 2005 @05:54 pm

Hi Dave, Just thought I'd sign in. Can't wait to get the CD of Mom's song and singing it to her with you next month! This is so exciting!

From: Marc Macisso

On: June 08, 2005 @10:10 pm

Hi Dave, Great playing with you last weekend. Send me that cd copying info. we talked about. Also, check out my web-site if you get a chance. It's just a start. I really like yours. See you later, Marc

From: Daniel Arthur

On: May 25, 2005 @10:30 am

Hiya Dave... I'm a new fan after seeing you with Al Stewart at Woodstock (Illinois)... I've really been enjoying the CD I got that night and I've been recommending you to everybody... Btw, you've got a really nice website here... Take care

From: Chuck Howe

On: May 22, 2005 @10:58 pm

Great meeting you before and after the show - bought three CD's and love them. Look for some great pictures soon!

From: Marty May

On: May 19, 2005 @10:16 am

Wnet to Woodstock Opera House to see Al Stewart and discovered you! What a talent and an extremely accomplished guitarist...have 2 of your albums now (love Square Peg Blues) and waiting for you to come back to Northern Illinois. Keep going

From: Carl Friedrich

On: May 16, 2005 @07:22 pm

Hello, Dr. Dave. You were amazing at the show in Green Lake! AND you dance a mean polka (?). Thanks for making it a night to remember.

From: Jeff Archer Black

On: May 15, 2005 @10:38 am

An utterly amazing show last night in Green Lake Wisconsin! You are the perfect compliment to Al's music and I look forward to getting some albums of your music. I'll be spreading the good word of Dave Nachmanoff! Thanks for being. Jeff Black The BZT Weekly

From: Bill Tong

On: May 10, 2005 @01:39 pm

Welcome to Chicago, Dave! I saw you and Al Stewart at Schubas. I was amazed by your incredible guitar playing. I had never before seen a concert where every number played was a show stopper.

From: Patty Dayton

On: May 10, 2005 @11:21 am

Great to see you on "Nanny 911" Last night, Dave!

From: Barry Friedman

On: May 06, 2005 @10:36 am

If the 1% of the world was 1% the fan of Dave that I am, he would be the most famous person in the world. Dave Rocks! Barry Raspyni Brothers

From: Kim

On: April 26, 2005 @10:42 pm

Hi Dave! I had the joy of listening to your music and also the combination of you and Al Stewart together the last time you were in Arizona. Thought I'd sign the guestbook and let you know again how much I enjoyed it! Take care, Kim

From: Gary Fearon

On: April 22, 2005 @03:30 pm

Hey I'm from the Penobscot Nation Boys and Girls Club.

From: Ben Terry Willis

On: April 12, 2005 @04:18 pm

It's great to have you up NE in Maine. Snowed today. Definitely not southern California! Hope we can catch you in Augusta. - Just 'waitin' for th eliglht to change . . . Ben Terry Willis

From: peter mcgarry ireland

On: April 12, 2005 @05:30 am

Hi Dave, Saw you on the Al Stewart DVD - really love your guitar playing. What makes of acoustic guitars do you favour. Thanks, Peter

From: Adele Sidlow

On: April 11, 2005 @04:16 pm

Hi Dave, It was loads of fun processing your insurance claim. Hope the thief got what he deserved! Alas, Marsh is no longer on the processing end for AFM so you'll never have to deal with me again. Hope to finally meet you next month with Al Stewart at Schuba's-we may even do Kenosha as well! See you there!

From: Paul Anthony Ennis

On: March 23, 2005 @01:46 pm

Hi Dave,I had the opportunity to hear you play live on the 2004 Al Stewart tour in the UK (South Shields Show). You were brilliant, a real treat on the night,thanks !!

From: John Fesler

On: March 16, 2005 @11:25 am

Hey Dave! Congratulations on the new website. Looks good! Also wanted to commend you on the fine work on "In the Family" with the Silcocks. It's a great "story" album. I'm sure you'll have another great experience this spring!

From: Louis Weiner

On: February 20, 2005 @09:42 pm

Mazal tov on the new site! And many congrats, too, on the new CDs. Let me know if there's *anything* I can do to help!

From: shaun beattie

On: February 19, 2005 @03:10 pm

Dave hi saw you at South shields UK with Al Stewartin May 2004

From: Mark J. Moerman

On: February 15, 2005 @06:48 pm

Hi Dave - congrats on the new website! We look forward to seeing you up in the northwest again one of these days.

From: Patrick Neals

On: February 15, 2005 @10:36 am

Congratulations on your great new website, Dave!

From: Patty Dayton

On: February 15, 2005 @07:34 am

Yay! Love the new website!